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Tangerine Dream


1970 - 1990

- Compilation/Live/Studio, released November 2000 -


CD release Germany 2000
Cover of box
Design: Edgar Froese

CD release Germany 2000
Cover of first and second CD
Design: Edgar Froese

CD release Germany 2000
Cover of third and fourth CD
Design: Edgar Froese

CD release Germany 2000
Cover of fifth and sixth CD
Design: Edgar Froese


1.Alpha Centauri [1995 remix]3:22
2.Fauni-Gena [1995 remix]4:02
3.Birth Of Liquid Plejades [1995 remix]4:48
4.White Clouds [Excerpt]4:24
5.Green Desert [1995 remix]5:31
6.Astral Voyager [Excerpt]6:11
7.Indian Summer [Excerpt]6:42
8.Dolphin Dance 5:05
9.Underwater Twilight 5:50
10.Coppercoast 5:17
11.The Night At Ayers Rock 3:18
12.Logos (Red Part) [1994 remix]6:12
13.Monolight [1994 re-recording]4:52
14.No Man's Land [1994 remix]7:29
15.Logos (Blue Part) [1988 re-recording]5:56
16.Cinnamon Road [1994 remix]4:14
17.Desert Dream [1994 re-recording]4:02
18.Logos (Velvet Part) [1994 remix]5:06
19.Hyperborea [1994 re-recording]8:37
20.Dominion [1994 remix]4:49
21.Monolight (Yellow Part) [1994 remix]7:15
22.Volcano 4:42
23.Ride On A Ray 5:15
24.Pergamon (Piano Part) [1994 re-recording]4:59
25.Tangent [1996 remix]5:20
26.Central Park [1996 remix]3:37
27.Barbakane [1995 remix]4:18
28.Zen Garden [1996 remix]4:43
29.Yellowstone Park 6:10
30.Livemiles (Green Trail Part) [Excerpt]6:21
31.Gaudi Park 5:20
32.Alchemy Of The Heart [Excerpt]5:49
33.Song Of The Whale (From Dawn) 5:02
34.Tyger (William Blake Poem) 5:37
35.Bois de Boulogne 5:17
36.Poland [1995 remix]9:22
37.Livemiles (San Buena Ventura) 5:12
38.Song Of The Whale (To Dusk) [1995 remix]5:58
39.The Cliffs Of Sydney 5:39
40.Warsaw In The Sun (Live) [2000 remix]4:35
41.Polish Dance (Live) [2000 remix]5:51
42.Melrose (Live) [Alleged live version]5:45
43.Electric Lion (Live) [Alleged live version]8:13
44.Longing For Cashba 7:39
45.Cool At Heart (Live) [Alleged live version]6:09
46.Sungate (Live) [Alleged live version]4:45
47.Marakesh (Live) [Alleged live version]8:21
48.Ivory Town 4:34
49.Cat Scan (Live) [Alleged live version]5:36
50.Ghazal (Live) [Alleged live version]4:59
51.The Midnight Trail (Live) [Alleged live version]5:45
52.Too Hot For My Chinchilla (Live) [Alleged live version]3:45
53.Unicorn Saga (Live) [1997 live version of Section 1]3:56
54.Lily On The Beach (Live) [Alleged live version]4:14
55.Storm Seekers 5:27
56.Mount Shasta (Live) [Alleged live version]4:25
57.Pilots Of Purple Twilight [1986 live version, wrongly titled Exit (Live)]4:32
58.Akash Deep 7:25
59.Crystal Curfew (Live) [Alleged live version]5:00
60.Cool Shibuya 3:53
61.Alaskan Summer (Live) [Alleged live version]3:34
62.Long Island Sunset (Live) [Alleged live version]6:58
63.Rolling Down Cahuenga (Live) [Alleged live version]6:43
64.Iguana (Live) 5:34
65.Dream Yards (The Perth Tapes) 45:37
Total running time394:58


Recording date1970 - 2000
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Steve Schroyder, Peter Baumann, Johannes Schmoelling, Paul Haslinger, Ralf Wadephul, Jerome Froese
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Steve Schroyder, Peter Baumann, Johannes Schmoelling, Paul Haslinger, Ralf Wadephul, Jerome Froese, Udo Dennebourg, Roland Paulyck, Florian Fricke, Christian Vallbracht, Jochen von Grumbcow, Hans Joachim Brüne, Johannes Lücke, Robert Kastler, Katja Brauneis, Clare Torry, Jocelyn Bernadette Smith


In October 2000, the forthcoming TD production, i-Box, was announced on TDI's web site with the following statement: "For the first time ever, material from all four of the band's major creative periods is compiled in one box set. Tracks from the Pink Years, the Virgin Years, the Blue Years and the Melrose Years are brought together on six CDs to form a definitive overview of two decades in the oeuvre of a band that shaped the history of popular music. As a further treat, the set contains unreleased studio and live material, disc six even encompassing a complete live set from Perth".


The first three CDs of the set contain well-known material of the period from 1970 to 1987 that for the most part has been taken from the boxed sets Tangents and The Dream Roots Collection, thus most of the tracks are remixes or re-recordings of the compositions that originally appeared on the albums Alpha Centauri (1971), Zeit (1972), Atem (1973), Green Desert (1973, released 1986), Encore (1977), Quichotte (1980), Logos Live (1982), Hyperborea (1983), Poland (1984), Le Parc (1985), Underwater Sunlight (1986), Tyger (1987) and Livemiles (1988).


The forth and fifth CD contain six previously unreleased compositions, obviously originating from the late eighties, and several live version of tracks from the albums Exit (1981), Warsaw In The Sun (1984), Legend (1986), Optical Race (1988), Lily On The Beach (1989) and Melrose (1990). Most of these 'live' recordings are hardly distinguishable from the original studio versions, thus it is doubtful that all are really recorded live.


The sixth CD contains one continuous track, alleged to be recorded 1982 live in Perth. Besides some previously unreleased music this track features slightly remixed versions of tracks from White Eagle (1982) and Edgar Froese's solo albums Kamikaze 1989 (1982) and Pinnacles (1983). These 'live' versions of these tracks are rather identical to the original studio recordings, and it is more than doubtful that the music of this CD has really been taken from the Perth concert. Summing up, it may be said that this 6 CD set features less than one hour new music; the rest is more or less identical to material released on previous albums.


Besides the six CDs, the box contains a booklet with a five page essay about TD titled 'The Art Of Change' and 216 photos of Tangerine Dream between 1967 and 1994, some of them previously unreleased.


2000: TDI/EFA
6CD: 63030-2; cardboard box with booklet and three slim double jewel cases
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