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Quichotte, Part One

There are several official versions of this composition:
  • the original album version from 1980 (and an excerpt of it)
  • a remixed excerpt from 1983
  • a re-recorded excerpt from 1994
  • a re-recorded excerpt by Johannes Schmoelling from 2009
  • a live recording by Loom from 2011


Recording year1980
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke
Alternate Title(s)Palace Of Dreams, Pergamon, Spaceship


Tangerine Dream: Official Releases
1980Quichotte [a] 23:33
1983Wavelength [a] [Titled Desert Drive][Excerpt]2:00
Wavelength [a] [Titled Spaceship][1983 remix]2:18
1994Tangents [a] [Titled Pergamon (Piano Part)][1994 re-recording]4:59
2000i-Box [a] [Titled Pergamon (Piano Part)][1994 re-recording]4:59
2006Plays Tangerine Dream [a] [Titled Pergamon Sphere][1994 re-recording]5:01
2013Decades: 1980s [a] [Titled Quichotte (Part I)]23:20
Tangerine Dream: Bootlegs
1988Don Quixote [a] 23:33
Johannes Schmoelling: Official Releases
2009A Thousand Times [a] [Titled Palace Of Dreams][2009 re-recording]5:41
Loom: Official Releases
2012Scored [a] [Titled Palace Of Dreams][2011 live version]5:14


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