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Bootlegs And Their New MarketDream Collector #1, August 1992
Bootleg Variations: Any Colour You Like...Dream Collector #5, January 1994
CD-R: The High Tech Version Of A Fan TapeDream Collector #6, March 1994
Among Distinguished Names Of HistoryDream Collector #7, June 1994
Interview: A Shift Into New DimensionsDream Collector #7, June 1994
A Trip To Italy For "Turn Of The Tides"Dream Collector #8, September 1994
A Statement From Edgar FroeseTangents, November 1994
TD's Style: Turn Away From The New Age?Dream Collector #9, November 1994
TD and Techno's Oedipal Traumas...Dream Collector #10, March 1995
Tyranny Of Beauty In Bella ItaliaDream Collector #11, July 1995
The End Of A Cycle In StyleDream Collector #11, July 1995
Interview: I Do Not Release "Another" TD RecordDream Collector #11, July 1995
Interview: There Will Be A Little Revolution...Dream Collector #17, June 1997
The Generation DreamDream Collector #18, September 1997
25 CDs to be out soonDream Collector #21, February 1998
Edgar Froese solo: Aqua IIDream Collector #27, September 1998
When Almost Everyone Becomes A Bootlegger...Dream Collector #28, December 1998
The Results Of The TD listeners poll on 'Radio Eins'Radio Eins, December 2000
Johannes Schmoelling at the Film Festival Braunschweigtadream mailing list, 2001
The TDI CatalogueVoices In The Net, 2001-2005
The Dream Mixes 3 Promo PostcardVoices In The Net, March 2002
Bootlegged Dreams 2002Voices In The Net, May 2002
Chronological Concert ListingVoices In The Net, March 2005 - October 2006
Japanese Re-Issues With Original Cover ArtworkVoices In The Net, August 2006
The Mars Polaris MysteryVoices In The Net, September 2006
Electronic MagicVoices In The Net, October 2008
CupdiscsVoices In The Net, September 2021
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