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Tangerine Dream


1973 - 1983

- Compilation/Studio, released November 1994 -


CD release Europe 1994
Cover of box
Design: Buggy G. Riphead

CD release Europe 1994
Cover of first CD
Design: Buggy G. Riphead


1.Mojave Plan (Desert Part) [1994 remix]7:44
2.No Man's Land [1994 remix]7:29
3.Kiew Mission [1994 remix]4:57
4.Ricochet [1994 remix]7:17
5.Force Majeure [1994 remix]5:31
6.Logos (Blue Part) [1988 re-recording]5:56
7.Stratosfear [1994 remix]10:46
8.Mysterious Semblance [1994 remix]7:05
9.Cinnamon Road [1994 remix]4:14
10.Tangram (Solution Part) [1994 remix]3:36
11.White Eagle [1994 remix]4:14
12.Phaedra [1994 re-recording]4:51
13.Logos (Red Part) [1994 remix]6:12
14.Sphinx Lightning [1994 remix of Section 4 and 5]4:54
15.Desert Dream [1994 re-recording]4:02
16.Invisible Limits [1994 remix]8:51
17.Exit [1994 remix]5:52
18.Mojave Plan (Canyon Part) [1994 remix]5:59
19.Tangram (Puzzle Part) [1994 remix]8:02
20.Monolight [1994 re-recording]4:52
21.Rubycon (The Decision) [1994 remix]9:30
22.Cloudburst Flight 7:13
23.Pilots Of Purple [1994 remix]4:49
24.Logos (Velvet Part) [1994 remix]5:06
25.Monolight (Yellow Part) [1994 remix]7:15
26.Tangram (Future Part) [1994 remix]6:00
27.Rubycon (Dice Part) [1994 remix]6:02
28.Hyperborea [1994 re-recording]8:37
29.Force Majeure [1994 remix]4:38
30.Rubycon (Crossing Part) [1994 remix]9:30
31.Dominion [1994 remix]4:49
32.Pergamon (Piano Part) [1994 re-recording]4:59
33.Going West [1994 remix]4:09
34.The Dream Is Always... [1994 remix]3:28
35.Alien Goodbye [1994 remix]3:07
36.The Call [1994 remix]3:04
37.The Run [1994 remix]4:56
38.Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme) [1994 remix]4:00
39.Rainbirds Move [1994 remix]3:28
40.Creation [1994 remix]5:30
41.Charly The Kid [1994 remix]4:16
42.The Journey [1994 remix]3:28
43.Scrap Yard [1994 remix]5:14
44.Dirty Cross Roads [1994 remix]4:41
45.Search [1994 remix]3:33
46.Highway Patrol [1994 remix]5:06
47.Grind [1994 remix]3:10
48.Risky Business [1994 remix]5:10
49.Beach Theme [1994 remix]6:11
50.Vulcano 4:42
51.The Jogger 4:01
52.South Dakota 3:22
53.Coppercoast 5:17
54.Great Barrier Reef 3:59
55.The Night At Ayers Rock 3:18
56.Afternoon On The Nile 6:54
57.Crane Routing 5:55
58.Silver Scale 12:50
59.Jamaican Monk 5:35
Total running time329:16


Recording date1973 - 1984 / 1994
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling (previously unreleased tracks only)
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling (previously unreleased tracks only)
Producer(s)Edgar Froese


Much of the year 1994 Edgar Froese spent in the studio compiling Tangents, a beautifully packaged retrospective boxed set of five CDs of studio, live, soundtrack and unreleased recordings dating from TD's 'Virgin Years'. Edgar Froese is credited with all remixes, arrangements, additional recordings and, in some cases, re-recordings.


The CDs one to three (that is, tracks 1 to 32 in the above listing) are compiled and remastered from the following Virgin studio and live albums:



No track from Cyclone (1978) was included, as Edgar Froese apparently does not like that album. Some of the longer compositions have been seperated into several parts and these excerpts have been scattered over two or three CDs.


The fourth CD (that is, tracks 33 to 49 in the above listing) contains music from soundtrack albums as follows:



CD five eventually features ten previously unreleased tracks. Besides three compositions with Chris Franke or Johannes Schmoelling respectively, all other tracks are in fact solo material by Edgar Froese.


Rubycon (The Decision) and Rubycon (Crossing Part) are identical because of an error of a studio technician who compiled the masters for the CDs. This was hard to discover due to the similar running time of both tracks. If there will be a second series of the Tangents box release, Virgin will probably include the missing track, Edgar Froese announced after he discovered this error. Apparently, this has never happened.


For long-time fans, Tangents means to experience a lot of "classic" TD compositions like Rubycon, Ricochet, Stratosfear, Tangram, Mojave Plan and many others with additional swelling and decreasing computer string orchestra accompaniment and decorated with typical sound effects of the 90's. But there are also complete new re-recordings like Phaedra, Monolight and Desert Dream played with modern equipment and according to the TD style of the 90's. This led into a very controversial debate among TD collectors: Does the "tangenized" sound of old compositions, which is, in fact, a result of Edgar Froese's personal and musical progress, turn dusty and antiquated tracks into up-to-date music? Or does such a kind of acoustical make-up destroy something which had been the original character of these milestone pieces of music?


Besides the five CDs the box included a 74-page booklet, filled with large-sized photographs of landscapes and computer graphics, but without any obvious context between the photos and the long essay about TD written by Mark Prendergast. The booklet also features an extensive statement by Edgar Froese about the music of TD. According to the credits section, two former TD members were involved with the Tangents project: Johannes Schmoelling did the digital pre-mastering while the analog cutting and the analog/digital transfer was performed by Ralf Wadephul.


A few months after release in November 1994 Edgar Froese stated: "As far as the public reaction is concerned the boxed set is quite successful. A lot of people like it and somehow a lot of people were waiting for it, so because of that I've got a lot of offers for those records produced between the period of 1983 and 1988 -- almost another ten records. They're contractually free and ready to be re-released. Maybe they could form another boxed set, but there's no hurry and the Virgin boxed set was such a terrible procedure in terms of work that I have to give myself a rest."


Nevertheless, soon Edgar Froese started to rework several compositions not only from the post-Virgin period of 1983 to 1988, but also material from the very early TD productions up to 1973, forming the sets Book Of Dreams and The Dream Roots Collection. They would be released in 1995 and 1996 by the British Castle company who had bought TD's back-catalogue of those years. Furthermore, he reworked some of his vintage solo material for his 1995 compilation Beyond The Storm, released by Virgin.




After the box had been out-of-print for a few years, Virgin re-issued Tangents in 2004, but without the correction concerning the track Rubycon. It was released as a digibook version in slightly smaller format (14.5cm x 25.5cm instead of 16cm x 31cm) without additional jewel cases for the single CDs. Note that the CDs of this release are copy-protected!


1994: Virgin
Promo-5CD: 839 804-2; identical to UK version from 1994; cardboard box with booklet, three standard and one slim double jewel cases
5CD: 839 804-2; cardboard box with booklet, three standard and one slim double jewel cases
2004: Virgin
5CD: 596 128-2; identical to European version from 2004; digibook; copy control
1994: Virgin
5CD: CDBOX 4; identical to European version from 1994; cardboard box with booklet, three standard and one slim double jewel cases
2004: Virgin
5CD: CDBOXY 4; identical to European version from 2004; digibook; copy control
1994: Virgin
5CD: V21Y 39 804-2; cardboard box with booklet, three standard and one slim double jewel cases
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