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Tangerine Dream

Book Of Dreams

- Compilation/Studio, released November 1995 -


CD release Europe 1995
Painting: Hieronymus Bosch
Design: Hugh Gilmour


1.Journey Through A Burning Brain [1995 remix]3:04
2.Alpha Centauri [1995 remix]3:22
3.Birth Of Liquid Plejades [1995 remix]4:48
4.Zeit [1995 remix]3:35
5.Fauni-Gena [1995 remix]4:02
6.Wahn [1995 remix]3:24
7.Green Desert [1995 remix]5:31
8.Poland [1995 remix]9:22
9.Barbakane Part One (The Smuggler) [1995 remix]6:00
10.Barbakane Part Two (Downtown Yam) [1995 remix]4:18
11.Songs Of The Whale - From Dawn [Excerpt]5:02
12.Songs Of The Whale - To Dusk [1995 remix]5:58
13.Alchemy Of The Heart [Excerpt]8:45
14.London Part One (The Dungeon Cry) [1995 remix]7:12
15.London Part Two (Rotten Row Patriot) [1995 remix]4:54
16.Tyger (Jungle Mystery Song) 5:37
17.Livemiles (The Albuquerque Concert) [Excerpt]9:02
18.Gaudi Park 5:20
19.Bois de Boulogne 5:17
20.Le Parc 3:21
21.Yellowstone Park 6:10
Total running time114:04


Recording date1969 - 1988 / 1995


Book Of Dreams, released in late 1995, was not just another "Best Of" set but a surprising item with two aspects: The old music material had been reworked by Edgar Froese like he had done for Tangents one year before, and the cover artwork was something like a look forward to Edgar Froese's at that time planned project on Hieronymus Bosch, a Dutch painter (around 1450 - 1516) well known for creating surrealistic environments. The music material was taken from records in TD's Jive and Relativity back catalogue which had been bought by Castle Communications in autumn 1995.


The tracks are separated into material from 'The Pink Years', featuring titles fromand 'The Blue Years', featuring material from


Especially the music from the early albums has been reworked with additional rhythm tracks and sound patterns. Some of them really sound surprising and alienated with the original tracks being used as background basic material only. On the other hand, only a few of the newer 'Blue Years' track have been reworked and come with additional sounds, but less strong than the older ones.


The complete material of Book Of Dreams has later been re-released as part of the boxed set The Dream Roots Collection (1996).


1995: Essential/Castle
2CD: EDFCD353; slim double jewel case
1996: Sequel/Castle
2CD: 1014-2; slim double jewel case
2000: Castle
2CD: CMADD588; slim double jewel case
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