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Le Parc (L.A. - Streethawk)

The subtitle of this composition refers to the TV series, of which a remixed version of this track was the title theme.

There are several official versions of this composition:
  • the original studio recording from 1985
  • an alternate version by Johannes Schmoelling (Riding The Bike) from 1983
  • a remix from 1985
  • a live recording from 1997
  • six live recordings from 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009
  • a live recording by Loom from 2012
  • a live recording by Johannes Schmoelling and Robert Waters from 2018


Recording year1985
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling
Alternate Title(s)Streethawk


Tangerine Dream: Official Releases
1985Le Parc [a] 3:21
Le Parc [b] 3:22
Le Parc [b] [Titled Streethawk (Radio Remix)]3:03
Streethawk [b] [Titled Streethawk (Radio Remix)]3:08
Streethawk [a] [Titled Streethawk]3:05
Streethawk [b] [Titled Streethawk]3:00
Streethawk [c] [Titled Streethawk]3:05
Tiergarten/Streethawk [a] [Titled Streethawk]3:03
1989The Best Of Tangerine Dream [a] 3:22
The Best Of Tangerine Dream [b] 3:22
The Best Of Tangerine Dream [c] 3:22
1991From Dawn 'til Dusk [a] [Titled Le Parc]3:21
1995Dream Music 2 [a] [Titled Theme From Streethawk][Performed by Daniel Caine]3:13
Book Of Dreams [a] [Titled Le Parc]3:21
1996The Dream Roots Collection [a] [Titled Le Parc]3:21
1998Valentine Wheels [a] [Titled Le Parc][1997 live version]3:52
2002Journey Through A Burning Brain [a] 3:27
2004An Introduction To.... [a] [Titled Le Parc]3:22
2006Live At The Tempodrome Berlin [a] [Titled Streethawk][2006 live version]3:20
2007Orange Odyssey [a] [Titled Streethawk][2007 live version]2:51
One Night In Space [a] [Titled Streethawk][2007 live version]3:06
2009The London Eye Concert [a] [Titled Streethawk][2008 live version]2:52
The London Eye Concert [b] [Titled Streethawk][2008 live version]2:52
The London Eye Concert [c] [Titled Streethawk][2008 live version]3:27
The London Eye Concert [a] [Titled Streethawk][2008 live version]2:56
2010Izu [a] [Titled Le Parc][2009 live version]2:56
Izu [b] [Titled Le Parc][2009 live version]2:59
Izu [c] [Titled Le Parc][2009 live version]2:59
2011Ride On The Ray [a] [Titled Le Parc (L.A. Streehawk)]3:23
Tangerine Dream: Bootlegs
1997Electronic Orgy [a] [Titled Streethawk (Radio Remix)]3:02
Tangerine Dream: Fan Releases
2003Tangerine Tree Volume 20: Warsaw 1997 [a] [1997 live version]3:52
Tangerine Leaves Volume 10: London 1996 [a] [Titled Streethawk][1996 live version]3:59
2004Tangerine Tree Volume 46: Amsterdam 1997 [a] [Titled Le Parc][1997 live version]3:58
2005Tangerine Tree Volume 65: Glasgow 1997 [a] [Titled Le Parc][1997 live version]4:03
Tangerine Leaves Volume 41: Zabrze/Budapest 1997 [a] [1997 live version]3:43
Tangerine Leaves Volume 65: Manchester 1997 [a] [Titled Le Parc][1997 live version]3:51
2006Tangerine Tree Volume 82: Munich 1997 [a] [1997 live version]3:59
Tangerine Leaves Volume 71: London 1997 [a] [Titled Le Parc][1997 live version]3:53
Tangerine Leaves Volume 83: Bonn 1997 [a] [Titled Le Parc][1997 live version]4:11
Johannes Schmoelling: Official Releases
2008Early Beginnings [a] [Titled Riding The Bike][Alternate version]3:58
2019Zeit ∞? [a] [Titled Streethawk][2018 live version]4:49
Loom: Official Releases
2013200 002 [a] [Titled Streethawk (Live 2012)][2012 live version]8:08

Live Performances

1996November 30London Shepherds Bush Empire (UK)
1997Apr 09 - Jun 13Europe Tour 1997
Oct 29 - Nov 06UK Tour 1997
2006September 21Berlin Tempodrom (Germany)
2007July 01Eberswalde Marktplatz (Germany)
October 07Frankfurt Alte Oper (Germany)
2008November 01London The Forum Kentishtown (UK)
November 02Edinburgh The Picture House (UK)
November 07Los Angeles UCLA Royce Hall (USA)
2009September 05Peninsula Izu Cycle Sports Center (Japan)
2014April 11 MSC Divina (Caribbean Sea)
May 18 - Jun 09Phaedra Farewell Tour 2014


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