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Johannes Schmoelling & Robert Waters

Zeit ∞?

Live At The Enck Oirshot / The Netherlands, 10 November 2018

- Live, released May 2019 -


2CD+DVD release Germany 2019
Artwork: Andreas Rupprecht
Photo: Wolfgang Makowski


1.Zeit (For Stephan) [2018 live version]10:24
2.Going West [2018 live version]6:14
3.Streethawk [2018 live version]4:49
4. Speech1:53
5.The Electrified J.S. [2018 live version]4:35
6.Kneeplay No. 9 [2018 live version]4:47
7.The Anteater [2018 live version]2:59
8.Monochrome [2018 live version]6:55
9.White Eagle [2018 live version]8:19
10.Stigma [2018 live version]6:51
11.Splendid Isolation [2018 live version]9:34
12.The Crying Elephant [2018 live version]5:31
13.Matjora Is Still Alive [2018 live version]5:24
14.Drop Anchor In The Present Time [2018 live version]5:06
15.Morning Walk [2018 live version]7:33
16.Zero Gravity [2018 live version]8:07
17.Time And Tide [2018 live version]8:33
18.Tangram Part 1 [2018 live version]13:39
19.Amitié [2018 live version]5:51
20.Kalypso 7:18
21. Video Interview3:41
22.Zeit (For Stephan) [2018 live video version]5:51
23. Video Interview2:02
24.Drop Anchor In The Present Time [2018 live video version]4:02
25. Video Interview3:18
26.Kneeplay No. 9 [2018 live video version]3:05
27. Video Interview3:15
28.White Eagle [2018 live video version]6:25
29. Video Interview2:58
30.The Electrified J.S. [2018 live video version]4:00
31. Video Interview1:37
32.Time And Tide [2018 live video version]8:01
33. Video Interview3:11
34.Tangram Part 1 [2018 live video version]11:56
35. Video Interview0:57
36.A Day Without [2018 live video version]4:42
37. Credits1:08
Total running time204:31


Recording dateNovember 10th, 2018
Recording site(s)De Enck (Oirshot)
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling, Jonas Behrens, Robert Waters
Musician(s)Johannes Schmoelling, Robert Waters
Producer(s)Johannes Schmoelling


On November 10th, 2018 Johannes Schmoelling, together with Robert Waters, performed live on the stage at the Enck in Oirschot, The Netherlands. "Zeit - From Wuivent Riet to The Immortal Tourist" was the appropriate title for this gig, spanning from his first solo album Wuivend Riet (1986) to his latest release, The Immortal Tourist (2018, with Robert Waters).


Schmoelling and Waters performed compositions from many (but by far not all) solo albums of Schmoelling's 32 year long solo career, as well as new arrangements of some classics from his period with Tangerine Dream. Additionally, with The Crying Elephant there is a new, previously unreleased composition.


The complete gig was professionally recorded and released in full length on two CDs. As a bonus track, the studio recording of Kalypso (from the Schallwelle compilation, 2018) has been added. Furthermore, the package contains a DVD featuring an interview of Schmoelling and Waters, interspersed with full length video versions from several tracks from the live show.


Zeit ∞? is released as a fold-out digipack housing the three discs plus an 8-page booklet.


2019: Viktoriapark
2CD+DVD: VP 1918; digipack; multi-coloured discs
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