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Tangerine Dream

The Dream Roots Collection

The Tangerine Dream pink-blue box set

- Compilation/Studio, released December 1996 -


CD release Europe 1996
Cover of box
Design: Edgar Froese & Curtis Evans

CD release Europe 1996
Cover of first CD
Photo: Monique Froese

CD release Europe 1996
Cover of second CD
Photo: Monique Froese

CD release Europe 1996
Cover of third CD
Photo: Monique Froese

CD release Europe 1996
Cover of fourth CD
Photo: Monique Froese

CD release Europe 1996
Cover of fifth CD
Photo: Monique Froese


1.Birth Of Liquid Plejades [1995 remix]4:48
2.Journey Through A Burning Brain [1995 remix]3:04
3.Alpha Centauri [1995 remix]3:22
4.Zeit [1995 remix]3:35
5.Wahn [1995 remix]3:24
6.Fauni-Gena [1995 remix]4:02
7.Green Desert [1995 remix]5:31
8.White Clouds [Excerpt]4:24
9.Astral Voyager [Excerpt]6:11
10.Origin Of Supernatural Probabilities [1996 remix]7:58
11.Indian Summer [Excerpt]6:42
12.Ride On A Ray 5:15
13.Livemiles (Albuquerque Concert) [Excerpt]7:55
14.Tangent (Poland Concert) [1996 remix]5:20
15.Smile [Excerpt]5:42
16.Livemiles (Berlin Concert (1) [Excerpt of section Velvet Autumn]6:59
17.Vigour (Tyger Bonus) 4:36
18.Central Park [1996 remix]3:37
19.Zen Garden [1996 remix]4:43
20.Livemiles (Berlin Concert (2) [Excerpt of section Caspian Sea]7:08
21.Le Parc 3:21
22.21st Century Common Man 3:57
23.Underwater Sunlight 5:50
24.Livemiles [Excerpt]9:02
25.London (The Dungeon) [1995 remix]7:12
26.Gaudi Park 5:20
27.Barbakane (Part One) [1995 remix]6:00
28.Alchemy Of The Heart [Excerpt]8:45
29.Barbakane [1996 remix, wrongly titled Horizon]7:49
30.Song Of The Whale - 1 - From Dawn [Excerpt]5:02
31.Yellowstone Park 6:10
32.Tyger (Jungle Mystery Song) 5:37
33.Bois de Boulogne 5:17
34.Tiergarten [1996 remix]3:15
35.Poland [1995 remix]9:22
36.Barbakane (Part Two) [1995 remix]4:18
37.Livemiles (San Buena Ventura) 5:12
38.Rarebird [1996 remix]3:55
39.Song Of The Whale - 2 - To Dusk [1995 remix]5:58
40.London (Rotten Row Patriot) [1995 remix]4:54
41.Valley Of The Sun 15:03
42.Beach Bay Bunker 9:36
43.Vanishing Blue 9:08
44.Red Morpho 11:34
Total running time265:53


Recording date1969 - 1988 / 1995 - 1996
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke (previously unreleased tracks only)
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke (previously unreleased tracks only)


In 1996 Castle Communication, the then new record company of TD, re-released all of the TD recordings of 1970 - 1973 and 1984 - 1988 that had been formerly published by Jive in Europe and Relativity in the USA. These records were digitally remastered and released with cover art largely based on the original LP sleeves. Additionally Castle, in association with Edgar Froese, released two compilations -- the first being the 2 CD edition Book Of Dreams in November 1995 and the second the 5 CD box The Dream Roots Collection a year later. In fact, this box is kind of a de luxe version of the earlier 2 CD release, as all tracks of that compilation also appear on The Dream Roots Collection, some of them with slightly different titles and in different order.


Many of the original tracks on this records had been reworked by Edgar Froese, laying new textures derived by the latest Korg and Roland keyboards over the original track segments -- the same as Froese did on the Virgin Compilation Tangents in 1994 and his solo work Beyond The Storm in 1995. A computer tool called MIDI-Mixing Maps was extensively used by Froese to store and retrieve material to and from hard disk. Sound generation was particularly low on the late '60s and early '70s original master tapes, so much overhauling had to be done here. The entire project was executed by Edgar Froese within a few months, alternating between current TD studios in Berlin and Vienna. According to Froese: "Time is always changing. The advantage of getting into older material so long after its creation, is working on it from a new and different viewpoint. You incorporate more of life's experience, the part of the always-changing consciousness which we didn't have during the period we worked on it."


The first CD features tracks from the 'Pink Years' albums below:



The second, third and fourth CD present material from the following 'Blue Years' releases:


  • Poland (1984; track 14, 27, 29, 35, 36 and 38)
  • Le Parc (1985; track 18, 19, 21, 26, 31, 33 and 34)
  • Underwater Sunlight (1986; tracks 12, 23, 30 and 39)
  • Tyger (1987; tracks 15, 17, 22, 25, 28, 32 and 40)
  • Livemiles (1988; tracks 13, 16, 20, 24 and 37).


The fifth CD features previously unreleased music from 1985/86. Johannes Schmoelling had just left the group, and Edgar Froese and Chris Franke found themselves in much the same position as they had done before the recording of Green Desert in 1973 and Force Majeure in 1978: They were a duo again. Edgar Froese remembers: "We had no idea how long it would take until we were once again a trio status, so we had to go it alone so to speak." Drawing on the ideas contained in the previous studio album Le Parc, both Froese and Franke worked up a great amount of material between October 1985 and January 1986 that stayed unreleased for ten years until it appeared on The Dream Roots Collection at last.


The 48-page booklet included in the box is another collector's item. It shows 95 photographs taking during all periods of the band's work, including some private snapshots taken during their stays all over the world. Most of these photos have not been released before. However, some of them have been printed very small. An index refers to the events when and where these shots have been taken. The booklet includes a band story written by the British music journalist Mark Prendergast who also did the liner notes for the Tangents set and the subsequent Virgin 'Definitive Edition' re-releases. It gives a short but good view to TD's development, looked upon from a subjective view, nevertheless some little mistakes could not be dropped out.


1996: Essential/Castle
5CD: ESFCD420; cardboard box with booklet and five standard jewel cases
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