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Tangerine Dream


The Warsaw Concert

- Live, released November 1984 -


Picture-LP release UK 1984
Design: Monique Froese

CD release UK 1984
Design: Monique Froese

CD release USA 1988
Design: Monique Froese

CD release Europe 1996
Design: Monique Froese

CD counterfeit release Russia 199?

CD release Europe 2012
Design: Monique Froese


1.Poland 22:3622:2622:26
2.Tangent 19:59-19:59
3.Barbakane 18:0413:5313:53
4.Horizon 21:1020:5020:50
Total running time81:4957:0977:08
1.Poland 22:36
2.Tangent 15:53
3.Rare Bird 4:01
4.Barbakane 18:04
5.Horizon 21:10
Total running time81:44


Recording dateDecember 10, 1983
Recording site(s)Ice Stadium (Warsaw)
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling
Producer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling


In December 1983 Tangerine Dream once again performed behind the 'Iron Curtain': After they had played in East Berlin in January 1980 (released on the album Quichotte), now they performed in Poland's capital Warsaw.


Backtracking with Tangerine Dream

Edgar Froese: "We've been called a political band, but when we played East Germany and Poland it was not for political reasons. We just wanted to play to the people there."

Chris Franke: "We are political only in the sense that music can be used as a trigger impulse to start people thinking about society."

Edgar Froese: "After all, what is politics in our time? You might call it crime, Mafia, whatever, instead of politics. Everybody knows that. And not just in some countries, but all of them."

(Interview with Johnny Black, thisBEAT, issue 17, April 1986)


The album Poland was the first one released by the British Jive Electro label -- 'The Blue Years' had begun. It was remarkable that this double album contained once again only previously unreleased material -- there was no crossover music from their previous live recording Logos Live (1982). Like that album, Poland was essentially one continously-segued composition, split into for parts of about 20 minutes each due to the limitations of the vinyl format. TD's ability to smoothly join one distinct section of music to another was once again evident.


Tangerine Dream played two concerts at the Warsaw Ice Stadium on December 10th, 1983: There was an afternoon and an evening concert. The music was remixed and some overdubbing with new parts and bridges was made in early 1984 to provide a typical TD live album with very little noise from the crowd, and, of course, providing the usual excellent sound quality.


While the original release of Poland featured about 80 minutes music, divided into four tracks, most of the mid-80's CD releases did not feature the complete music material because of limitations of the 1-CD format. They were shortened by nearly 25 minutes, leaving out the track Tangent (and Rare Bird) and shortening Barbakane. Only the US double CD release featured the complete material.




In 1996 and 2003 Poland was re-released on CD, but again the record company did not take the chance to release the complete version of Poland on two CDs. Barbakane was shortened like on the former CD releases, but at least the composition Tangent (including Rare Bird) was included in full length.


Finally, in 2011 the British Esoteric Records started to re-release the TD back catalogue of the Pink and Blue Years. The first album to be re-released at end of May has been Poland as a so-called "expanded double CD version", that is, the complete material as released on the original LP. Unlike on previous releases, the track Tangent has been split into its main part and the Rare Bird encore, which is quite reasonable, as these two are indeed distinct compositions. This album contains no further extra material; which is a pity, as there would have been plenty of room to include the remixed versions from the Warsaw In The Sun single, for example -- at least those have been released on the compilation album Ride On The Ray from the same label a few months earlier. Most (though not all) listeners agree that this version provides the best sound quality of this album (the strongest competitor being the Ralativity release from 1992, which has become quite rare over the years); moreover the CDs come with a 16-page booklet including numerous photos, parts of the original inner artwork and both extensive and excellent liner notes by TD aficionado Andy King.


On occasion of the Record Store Day 2019 on April 13th, Esoteric Records re-released the album on clear vinyl.


1984: Jive/Quality
2LP [a]: JV 6616/2; world map labels, gatefold cover
1984: Jive
2LP [a]: JL 2-6616; world map labels, gatefold cover
1996: Essential/Castle
CD [c]: ESMCD365
2003: Sanctuary/Castle
CD [c]: CMRCD641; standard jewel case with additional cardboard wrapper
2011: Reactive/Esoteric
2CD [d]: EREACD 21018; slim double jewel case; multicoloured discs
2019: Reactive/Esoteric
2LP [d]: EREALP 2018D; clear vinyl, gatefold cover; limited edition
1984: Jive/Carrere
2LP [a]: CA 29266.226; world map labels, gatefold cover
CD [b]: CHIP 22
1984: Jive/Teldec
2LP [a]: 6.28638 DX; world map labels, gatefold cover
CD [b]: 8.26099
1984: Jive
2LP [a]: 40004/5; blue labels
1984: Jive/Messaggerie Musicali
2LP [a]: ZL 8826
1988: Alfa
CD [b]: 32 XB-221
1985: Jive/CNR
2LP [a]: 573.003/4; red labels
1985: Tonpress
2LP [a]: SX-T 64/65; red labels, gatefold cover
199?: ?
Counterfeit-CD: Z 1081; blue/black/silver disc
1984: Jive
2LP [a]: HIP 22; world map labels, gatefold cover; there exist two different covers
2LP [a]: HIP 22; blue labels, gatefold cover
2Picture-LP [a]: HIPX 22
CD [b]: CHIP 22
19??: Jive?
CD [c*]: CDHIP 22; * the composition Rare Bird is included twice: once as part of Tangent and once as a single track not mentioned in the track listing; this version might be not an official one released by Jive but a pirate release
1986: Relativity
2LP [a]: 88561-8045-1; picture labels, gatefold cover
2LP [a]: 88561-8045-1; black labels, gatefold cover
1988: Relativity
2CD [a]: 88561-8045-2; standard double jewel case
1993: Relativity
2CD [a]: 88561-8045-2; silver/brown/black disc; slim double jewel case
2CD [a]: 88561-8045-2; silver/blue/black disc; slim double jewel case; the composition Tangent is split in two tracks of 15:50 and 4:09 (Rare Bird) but labelled as single track
1996: Sequel/Castle
CD [c]: 1044-2
2000: Castle
CD [c]: CMACD568
2003: Sanctuary
CD [c]: 06076-81296-2
Poland was also released as part of the set Collection.

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