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Tangerine Dream

Ride On The Ray

The Blue Years Anthology 1980-1987

- Compilation, released March 2011 -


CD release Europe 2011
Design: Phil Smee
Artwork: Alex Smee



Recording date1980 - 1988


Before starting to re-release part of Tangerine Dream's back catalog, in March 2011 Esoteric Records issued two compilations of remastered material. Ride On The Ray covers the Blue Years era of the mid-eighties, while the other one, Sunrise In The Third System, features material from the period 1970 to 1973 (known as the Pink Years).


The compositions presented on this album in chronological order originally come from the following albums:



This compilation contains no new material but might nevertheless be of some interest to TD fans, as for the first time on CD, it presents the complete Warsaw In The Sun EP that back in 1984 accompanied the album Poland and contains two non-album remixes of the composition Tangent. Another rare track is Vanishing Blue that was previously available by means of the 5CD boxed set The Dream Roots Collection only.


As some fans noted, on the track Bondi Parade at the 11 minute mark there are some strange clicking sounds -- just like a CD skipping -- that are not present on the original Sohoman release. Probably this might be an error that happened during the remastering process.


The CDs come in a slim double jewel case with an additional cardboard wrapper. The 16-page booklet contains an extensive, well-written biography of TD by Marco Rossi, including 19 band photos from between 1967 and 1986. Notably, though overlapping in a number of paragraphs, the biography is not identical with that presented in Sunrise In The Third System, as both essays set their focus on the time period covered by the music of the respective compilation. Track listing and credits are very accurate with the exception of the running times which are somewhat incorrect for a number of tracks.


2011: Reactive/Esoteric
2CD: EREACD 21015; slim double jewel case; multicoloured discs; cardboard wrapper
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