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Tangerine Dream

Underwater Sunlight

- Studio, released July 1986 -


CD release UK 1986
Photo: Monique Froese

CD release Germany 1986
Photo: Monique Froese

CD release Europe 1996
Photo: Monique Froese


1.Song Of The Whale, Part One: From Dawn... 8:238:20
2.Song Of The Whale, Part Two: ...To Dusk 10:5210:55
3.Dolphin Dance 5:065:07
4.Ride On The Ray 5:355:34
5.Scuba Scuba 4:224:26
6.Underwater Twilight 5:515:56
7.Dolphin Smile -4:57
Total running time40:0945:15


Recording dateApril 1986
Recording site(s)Dream Studios (Berlin)
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Paul Haslinger
Producer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Paul Haslinger


"You can produce the sound of two hands clapping. Now, how does one hand sound?"
- Zen question


Shortly after Johannes Schmoelling had left TD, friends of Edgar Froese pointed out a keyboard player who was earning his daily bread in the Vienna jazz club scene: Paul Haslinger, who was only 23 when Edgar Froese invited him to join a studio session in Vienna along with Chris Franke. At first it didn't appear likely that Paul -- who was mainly a funk jazz pianist -- could replace Johannes. TD was a completely different musical concept for Paul and it meant a lot of hard work before he could musically orientate himself for the spring 1986 UK and USA tours. Paul was used to working hard and Edgar and Chris were patient, so that both tours were successfully completed, and Paul became a regular member for the next four years. The first album featuring Paul Haslinger was Underwater Sunlight, released in summer 1986.


As Haslinger recalls, "I came to Tangerine Dream's Berlin studio and there were all the instruments I'd ever dreamed of. You didn't see me for a year because I was always behind them, working out things. Since Underwater Sunlight was the first album I was involved in, it was also the most spontaneous one -- at least from my perspective. After completing the '86 UK tour, we went straight back into the studio and recorded it in little more than three months. It happened with ease and I think you can hear that in the music." For his part, Haslinger admirably conceded, "I don't think Tangerine Dream was changed by me. The mastermind and leader has always been Edgar."




Underwater Sunlight saw several re-releases in CD format throughout the years.


In August 2011 the album was re-released by Esoteric Records on their Reactive label as part of a re-issue of the TD back catalogue of the Pink and Blue Years. The album was completely remastered and comes with a nice 16-page booklet including numerous photos plus an essay written by journalist Malcolm Dome. Like most of the albums of this re-release series Underwater Sunlight comes with a bonus track, Dolphin Smile, that originally had been released on the 12" US single Dolphin Dance only. While previous re-releases of this album missed the opportunity to include this composition, Esoteric did a fine job in releasing this ultra-rare track on an official CD for the very first time.


1986: Jive/CNR
LP [a]: 656.080; blue labels
1986: Jive/RCA/Ariola
LP [a]: HIP 40; world map labels with printing 'RCA/Ariola'
LP [a]: HIP 40; world map labels with printing 'BMG'
1996: Essential/Castle
CD [a]: ESMCD366
2003: Sanctuary/Castle
CD [a]: CMRCD654; standard jewel case with additional cardboard wrapper
2011: Reactive/Esoteric
CD [b]: EREACD 1020; multicoloured disc
1986: Jive/Teldec
Promo-LP [a]: 6.26377 AP; world map labels; promo insert
LP [a]: 6.26377 AP; world map labels
CD [a]: 8.26377 ZP
1992: Jive/BMG
CD [a]: WD 75216
1986: Jive
LP [a]: 40015; blue labels
1986: Jive
LP [a]: HIP 26
1988: Alfa
CD [a]: 32 XB-223
1986: Jive/Edisom
LP [a]: 614 420; blue labels
1986: Jive
LP [a]: HIP 40; world map labels
LP [a]: HIP 40; blue labels
CD [a]: CHIP 40
1986: Relativity
Promo-LP [a]: EMC 8113; picture labels, gsc
LP [a]: EMC 8113; picture labels
LP [a]: 88561-8113-1; picture labels
LP [a]: 88561-8113-1; black labels
CD [a]: 88561-8113-2
1996: Sequel/Castle
CD [a]: 1046-2
2000: Castle
CD [a]: CMACD579
2003: Sanctuary
CD [a]: 06076-81297-2
Underwater Sunlight was also released as part of the set The Blue Years Studio Albums.

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