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Jocelyn Bernadette Smith


The Jazz singer Jocelyn Bernadette Smith (born in New York on August 22, 1960) joined Tangerine Dream in February 1987 to transform a series of poems by the English mystic and painter William Blake (1757 - 1827) into songs. According to Edgar Froese, he himself "had a problem with Jocelyn during the recording. She'd already got through the texts, but during the session she took the book and smashed it on the floor, saying, 'I'm an R & B singer and I don't want to do this schoolkid bullshit!'" Edgar Froese still thinks, "she did a good job, but she hated the lyrics, which are not easy to understand if you don't know the background."


There is an official web site of Jocelyn Bernadette Smith:


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