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Tangerine Dream


- Studio, released October 1990 -


CD release Germany 1990
Design: Kurt DeMunbrun
Photo: Jim Rakete

CD release Germany 2009


1.Melrose 5:44
2.Three Bikes In The Sky 5:58
3.Dolls In The Shadow 5:10
4.Yucatan 5:16
5.Electric Lion 8:13
6.Rolling Down Cahuenga 6:43
7.Art Of Vision 5:30
8.Desert Train 10:17
9.Cool At Heart 6:09
Total running time59:00
1.Three Bikes In The Sky [2002 re-recording]6:00
2.Yucatan [2002 re-recording]5:23
3.Rolling Down Cahuenga [2002 re-recording]6:47
4.Desert Train [2002 re-recording]10:23
5.Dolls In The Shadow [2002 re-recording]5:11
6.Cool At Heart [2002 re-recording]6:05
7.Art Of Vision [2002 re-recording]5:32
8.Electric Lion [2002 re-recording]8:16
9.The Back Of Beyond 7:45
10.Melrose [2002 re-recording]5:43
Total running time67:05


Recording dateJune - July 1990
Recording site(s)Vienna & Berlin
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Paul Haslinger, Jerome Froese
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Paul Haslinger, Jerome Froese, Hubert Waldner
Producer(s)Edgar Froese


"The crows maintain, a single crow could destroy heaven, that is doubtless, but doesn't move heaven, for heaven implies precisely: impossibility of crows."
- Franz Kafka


The 1990 studio album Melrose is the only one featuring the short time line-up Edgar Froese/Paul Haslinger/Jerome Froese. After his guest appearance on a single track on the album Lily On The Beach (1989), Edgar Froese's son Jerome had joined TD officially in January 1990 for a live performance, and Melrose was the first record composed and performed by the reformed band. But after a lengthy stay in the USA and the release of Melrose Paul Haslinger wished to leave Europe and live and work in Los Angeles. So TD did an already planned tour in the UK in autumn 1990 and then Paul Haslinger left the band at the end of the year, making TD a duo again.




Melrose was released in March 2009 as part of an extensive digipack series (consisting of a total of more than 60 CD and DVD releases) by the Germany based Membran record label. Though the CD package claims that it contains the re-recording from 2002 (see below) the disc itself features the original 1990 recording.


The 2002 Re-Recording


The complete album was re-recorded in 2002 and released as part of the 3CD set The Melrose Years, together with re-recordings of the albums Optical Race (1988) and Lily On The Beach (1989).


Unlike Optical Race and Lily On The Beach, the re-recorded version has not been released as an individual disc (though the 2009 re-issue claims otherwise -- see above).


1990: Private/BMG
Promo-LP [a]: 211 105; multi-coloured labels; additional promo sheet
LP [a]: 211 105; multi-coloured labels
CD [a]: 261 105
1990: Private/BMG
Promo-CD [a]: 261 105; with sticker 'UNVERKÄUFLICHES MUSTER' and promo sheet
2009: Membran
CD [a]: 232662; digipack
1990: Private/Victor
CD [a]: BVCP-103
Promo-CD [a]: BVCP-103; same as regular release, but with additional red promo sticker
199?: ?
Counterfeit-CD: TDM-119794 2-GM02; white/red/blue disc
1990: Private
CD [a]: 2078-2-P
Melrose was also released as part of the set The Melrose Years.

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