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Tangerine Dream - Fan Releases

The Tangerine Tree was a worldwide fan project which had been launched in December 2001 by some members of the Tangerine Dream Mailing List. The purpose of this project was to release unofficial Tangerine Dream recordings in the best possible sound quality by using only master tapes or low generation sources of each concert recording. The source material (audience, soundboard or broadcast recordings) came from the most authoritive TD collectors worldwide. The sound quality of each recording got enhanced by people which are considered to be real experts in remastering. This project operated on a strictly non-profit basis (this is why "never sell or buy - trade freely" is stated on the back cover of each artwork). Everyone can trade for discs by either sending blank CD-Rs to the sender in advance, or by covering the costs in other ways. These basic rules distinguish this fan project from 'regular' bootlegs which are released most often by people who want to make easy money from other people's work and who do not care about quality.

Ten sets of the Tangerine Tree have seen the light of day:
  • Tangerine Tree I:
    Volumes 1 to 8 (incl. 10 CD-Rs), released in February 2002
  • Tangerine Tree II:
    Volumes 9 to 16 (incl. 14 CD-Rs), released in July 2002
  • Tangerine Tree III:
    Volumes 17 to 26 (incl. 17 CD-Rs), released in January 2003
  • Tangerine Tree IV:
    Volumes 27 to 37 (incl. 20 CD-Rs), released in August 2003
  • Tangerine Tree V:
    Volumes 38 to 48 (incl. 20 CD-Rs), released in April 2004
  • Tangerine Tree VI:
    Volumes 49 to 61 (incl. 19 CD-Rs), released in August 2004.
  • Tangerine Tree VII:
    Volumes 62 to 71 (incl. 18 CD-Rs), released in August 2005.
  • Tangerine Tree VIII:
    Volumes 72 to 79 (incl. 14 CD-Rs, plus 5 CD-Rs replacing discs of former volumes), released in November 2005.
  • Tangerine Tree IX:
    Volumes 80 to 87 (incl. 11 CD-Rs, plus 6 CD-Rs replacing discs of former volumes), released in March 2006.
  • Tangerine Tree X:
    Volumes 88 to 92 (incl. 9 CD-Rs, plus 5 CD-Rs replacing discs of former volumes), released in September 2006.

Tangerine Leaves was a side-project of the tree. It was aimed at the die-hard collectors and consists of concert recordings of lesser sound quality than those usually found in the Tangerine Tree. It also covers additional performances from tours where the band played a prepared setlist with little or no improvisation.

Seven sets of Tangerine Leaves have been released:
  • Tangerine Leaves I:
    Volume 1 to 12 (incl. 21 CD-Rs), released in May 2003
  • Tangerine Leaves II:
    Volume 13 to 27 (incl. 25 CD-Rs), released in December 2003
  • Tangerine Leaves III:
    Volume 28 to 40 (incl. 22 CD-Rs), released in January 2005
  • Tangerine Leaves IV:
    Volume 41 to 53 (incl. 24 CD-Rs), released in August 2005
  • Tangerine Leaves V:
    Volumes 54 to 66 (incl. 21 CD-Rs, plus 2 CD-Rs replacing discs of a former volume), released in November 2005.
  • Tangerine Leaves VI:
    Volumes 67 to 78 (incl. 22 CD-Rs), released in March 2006.
  • Tangerine Leaves VII:
    Volumes 79 to 91 (incl. 24 CD-Rs), released in September 2006.

In October 2006, after almost five busy years, the Tangerine Tree (as well as the Tangerine Leaves) project was officially ceased due to personal and legal reasons, so no more sets will be released.

For all concerts released as part of this fan project, please refer to the Chronological Concert Listing.

Each volume of Tangerine Tree and Tangerine Leaves has individual high quality cover artwork and label stickers that can be downloaded from the internet for free.


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Tangerine Tree I

2002Tangerine Tree Volume 1: Nottingham 1976AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 2: Sheffield 1974AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 3: Bernau 2001AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 4: Washington 1977AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 5: Frankfurt 1983AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 6: Bilbao 1976AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 7: Croydon 1975AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 8: Berlin 1976AlbumLive

Tangerine Tree II


Tangerine Tree Volume 9: London 1975AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 10: Newcastle 1981AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 11: Hamburg 1978AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 12: Croydon 1982AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 13: Germany 1976AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 14: Paris 1981AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 15: Warsaw 2001AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 16: Warsaw 2001AlbumLive

Tangerine Tree III


2003Tangerine Tree Volume 17: East Berlin 1980AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 18: Montreal 1977AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 19: Paris 1976AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 20: Warsaw 1997AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 21: Detroit 1992AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 22: Orange 1975AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 23: Berlin 1973AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 24: Laguna Hills 1986AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 25: Detroit 1977AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 26: Brussels 1980AlbumLive

Tangerine Leaves I


Tangerine Leaves Volume 1: London 1982AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 2: Nideggen 2002AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 3: York 1975AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 4: Toronto 1988AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 5: Brussels 1978AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 6: Coventry 1975AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 7: Aachen 1981AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 8: Dublin 1980AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 9: Berlin 1981AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 10: London 1996AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 11: London 1996AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 12: Ottawa 1986AlbumLive

Tangerine Tree IV


Tangerine Tree Volume 27: Brussels 1976AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 28: Firenze 1981AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 29: London 1990AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 30: Reims 1974AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 31: Brussels 1976AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 32: London 2003AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 33: London 2003AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 34: London 1976AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 35: Birmingham 1986AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 36: Assorted SecretsAlbumLive/Studio
Tangerine Tree Volume 37: Sydney 1982AlbumLive

Tangerine Leaves II


Tangerine Leaves Volume 13: Dresden 1983AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 14: Brighton 1981AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 15: Liverpool 1975AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 16: Portsmouth 1976AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 17: Les Ponts de Cé 1973AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 18: Birmingham 1976AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 19: Hoffman Estates 1988AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 20: Adelaide 1975AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 21: Milwaukee 1977AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 22: Düsseldorf 1982AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 23: Croydon 1976AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 24: Cantu 1981AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 25: Oxford 1986AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 26: London 2001AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 27: London 2001AlbumLive

Tangerine Tree V


2004Tangerine Tree Volume 38: Berlin 1987AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 39: Seattle 1977AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 40: Tokyo 1983AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 41: Space Is The PlaceAlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 42: New Haven 1988AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 43: Osnabrück 1999AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 44: Toronto 1986AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 45: Düsseldorf 1976AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 46: Amsterdam 1997AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 47: Manchester 1976AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 48: Melbourne 1982AlbumLive

Tangerine Tree VI


Tangerine Tree Volume 49: Berlin 1990AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 50: Assorted Secrets 2AlbumLive/Studio
Tangerine Tree Volume 51: On AirAlbumStudio
Tangerine Tree Volume 52: Cologne 1972AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 53: Berlin 1981AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 54: The KeepAlbumSoundtrack
Tangerine Tree Volume 55: Amsterdam 1976AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 56: Germany 1981AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 57: Los Angeles 1995AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 58: Cologne 1986AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 59: Essen 1968AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 60: London 2004AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 61: Berlin 1982AlbumLive

Tangerine Leaves III


2005Tangerine Leaves Volume 28: Harrogate 1986AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 29: Nottingham 1990AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 30: Düsseldorf 1978AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 31: Los Angeles 1988AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 32: Quebec 1977AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 33: Ventura 1992AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 34: Frankfurt 1982AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 35: Rome 1981AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 36: Frankfurt 1971AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 37: Barcelona 2004AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 38: Manchester 1975AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 39: Nantes 1978AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 40: Mainz 1976AlbumLive

Tangerine Tree VII


Tangerine Tree Volume 62: Preston 1980AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 63: Assorted Secrets 3AlbumLive/Studio
Tangerine Tree Volume 64: Osaka 1983AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 65: Glasgow 1997AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 66: Santa Monica 1977AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 67: Berlin 1978AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 68: Montreal 1986AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 69: Paris 1986AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 70: Bristol 1990AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 71: Adventures In LoFi 1971-1981AlbumLive/Soundtrack

Tangerine Leaves IV


Tangerine Leaves Volume 41: Zabrze/Budapest 1997AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 42: Providence 1986AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 43: Brussels 1982AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 44: Chicago 1992AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 45: Luxembourg 1980AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 46: Munich 1976AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 47: Bradford 1974AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 48: New Orleans 1988AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 49: A Blast From The PastAlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 50: London 1978AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 51: London 1990AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 52: Glasgow 1974AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 53: Cologne 1986AlbumLive

Tangerine Tree VIII


Tangerine Tree Volume 72: Tokyo 1983AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 73: SoundtraxAlbumSoundtrack
Tangerine Tree Volume 74: London 2005AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 75: London 2005AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 76: Seattle 1992AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 77: Melbourne 1975AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 78: Oxford 1981AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 79: Berlin 2005AlbumLive

Tangerine Leaves V


Tangerine Leaves Volume 9: Edinburgh 1981AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 54: Hamburg 1980AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 55: New York 1977AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 56: Milwaukee 1988AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 57: Toronto 1977AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 58: San Juan 1992AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 59: Derby 1982AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 60: Manchester 1978AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 61: Santa Monica 1980AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 62: Leeds 1976AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 63: Portland 1986AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 64: Hanover 1976AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 65: Manchester 1997AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 66: Triple Orange JuiceAlbumLive

Tangerine Tree IX


2006Tangerine Tree Volume 80: Assorted Secrets 4AlbumLive/Soundtrack
Tangerine Tree Volume 81: Brighton 1976AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 82: Munich 1997AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 83: Athens 1983AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 84: Oxford 1990AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 85: New York 1988AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 86: SoundchecksAlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 87: Budapest 1982AlbumLive

Tangerine Leaves VI


Tangerine Leaves Volume 67: Reims 1975AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 68: Paris 1976AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 69: Columbus 1988AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 70: Paris 1975AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 71: London 1997AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 72: Washington 1986AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 73: Saint Ouen 1973AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 74: Essen 2005AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 75: Liverpool 1978AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 76: Berlin 2005AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 77: Manchester 1990AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 78: Liverpool 1980AlbumLive

Tangerine Tree X


Tangerine Tree Volume 88: Assorted Secrets 5AlbumLive/Soundtrack
Tangerine Tree Volume 89: London 1981AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 90: Newcastle 1990AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 91: Oxford 1978AlbumLive
Tangerine Tree Volume 92: London 1978AlbumLive

Tangerine Leaves VII


Tangerine Leaves Volume 79: Portsmouth 1981AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 80: Denver 1986AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 81: Glasgow 1975AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 82: Bologna 1980AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 83: Bonn 1997AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 84: Manchester 1982AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 85: Cleveland 1977AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 86: Glasgow 1978AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 87: Barcelona 1976AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 88: Sarasota 1988AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 89: New York 1992AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 90: Worthing 1990AlbumLive
Tangerine Leaves Volume 91: Chicago 1977AlbumLive
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