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Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Tree Volume 60: London 2004

- Live, released August 2004 -


CD-R fan release 2004
Design: Maff
Graphics: Dave Graham


1. Introduction2:09
2.Above The Great Dry Land [2004 live version]6:19
3.Chasing The Bad Seed [2004 live version]8:48
4.Slave To The Gods [2004 live version]6:32
5.Hope And Glory [2004 live version]6:44
6.Sun Son's Seal, Part One [2004 live version]8:22
7.Beyond All Suns [2004 live version]6:34
8.Sisyphus [2004 live version]4:38
9.All The Steps To Heaven [2004 live version]13:15
10.Mountain Of Destiny [2004 live version]11:05
11.The Glowing Zodiac Wheel [2004 live version]5:07
12.Modern Cave Men [2004 live version]5:03
13.Death Of Medusa [2004 live version]7:23
14.Blinded By The World's Desire [2004 live version]6:28
15.Sun Son's Seal, Part Two [2004 live version]8:23
16.Soulgate [2004 live version]8:01
17.Till The End Of Silence [2004 live version]5:16
18.Prison And Paradise [2004 live version]5:39
19.Spirit Spiral [2004 live version]7:58
20. Edgar's Closing Words1:59
Total running time135:43


Recording dateMarch 06, 2004
Recording site(s)Royal Festival Hall (London)
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese


In March 2004 Tangerine Dream did a live performance of Purgatorio, the second part of the Dante trilogy. Tangerine Tree Volume 60: London 2004 originates from a Minidisc master recording, captured from the second row (which was actually the fifth, as the first three rows were left empty). The music is basically identical to Purgatorio, with additional percussion from Iris Camaa.


For other concerts released as part of this fan project, please refer to the Chronological Concert Listing.


As with all releases of the Tangerine Tree project, this release is made by fans for fans. It must not be sold but is to be traded freely.


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