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Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Tree Volume 3: Bernau 2001

- Live, released February 2002 -


CD-R fan release 2002
Design: Maff & Gustavo Jobim

CD-R fan release 2002
Design: Leah Cim
Graphics: Gustavo Jobim


1.Before The Closing Of The Day [2001 live version]4:35
2.The Spirit Of Virgil [2001 live version]2:38
3.Minotaurae Hunt At Dawn [2001 live version]3:24
4.Those Once Broke The First Word [2001 live version]3:37
5.Dante In Despair [2001 live version]3:31
6.Io Non Mor [2001 live version]5:43
7.Vidi Tre Facce [2001 live version]4:42
8.At The Deepest Point In Space [2001 live version]2:38
9.L'omperador Del Doloroso Regno [2001 live version]4:49
10.Voices In The Starless Night [2001 live version]4:11
11.Fear And Longing [2001 live version]3:06
12.Fallen For Death [2001 live version]4:38
13.Where All Light Went Silent [2001 live version]3:39
14.Charon, Il Barchere [2001 live version]4:00
15.La Grey De Los Almas Perdidas [2001 live version]7:26
16.Justice Of The Karma Law [2001 live version]3:02
17.As The Sun Moves Towards Heaven [2001 live version]7:44
18.Beatrice, L'Âme Infinie [2001 live version]5:11
Total running time78:34


Recording dateOctober 07, 2001
Recording site(s)Sankt-Marien-Kirche (Bernau)
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese, Iris Camaa


"A fair request should be followed by the deed in silence."
- Dante Alighieri


Tangerine Tree Volume 3: Bernau 2001 presents the premier concert of TD's Inferno, performed in a church in the German town of Bernau (near Berlin). Inferno is the first of a three part composition inspired by the Divina Commedia (Divine Comedy) by Dante Alighieri. The Tangerine Tree release presented the music shortly before is was officially released on CD in March 2002 on the TDI label as Inferno; thus the tracks were untitled on this release and differed in length and number from the official release. The track listing above shows the titles and track lengths of a corrected re-indexed version and the revised artwork by Leah Cim. The track listing as printed on the original cover is as follows:
  1. Part 1 4:44
  2. Part 2 7:13
  3. Part 3 5:45
  4. Part 4 8:08
  5. Part 5 5:36
  6. Part 6 4:15
  7. Part 7 7:18
  8. Part 8 4:39
  9. Part 9 5:27
  10. Part 10 3:04
  11. Part 11 6:39
  12. Part 12 9:49
  13. Part 13 6:06


The material on this record is rather identical to the music officially released as Inferno, though some slight overdubs have been obviously made for that release. Each TD fan is encouraged to listen to the official CD to compare these two versions. The music on this CD was mastered from a minidisc audience recording; thus the sound quality is very good.


For other concerts released as part of this fan project, please refer to the Chronological Concert Listing.


As with all releases of the Tangerine Tree project, this release is made by fans for fans. It must not be sold but is to be traded freely.


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