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Tangerine Dream

Antique Dreams

Tangerine Dream Classics Edition

- Compilation/Live/Studio, released June 2000 -


CD release Germany 2000
Design: Edgar Froese

Download release 2007
Artwork: Edgar Froese

CD counterfeit release China 2010


1.Oedipus Tyrannus Overture [2000 remix]5:36
2.Ultima Thule Part 1 [2000 remix]3:23
3.Calymba Caly [Section Ancient Part, including part of Thermal Inversion]9:50
4.Flock Of Bluebirds [2000 remix]3:34
5.Speed Dragon [2000 remix]3:16
6.Edinburgh Castle 8:46
7.Moorland [2000 remix]4:02
8.Sorcerer And Thief 6:32
9.Southend Mall 4:29
10.Cool Breeze Of Brighton [1986 live version]10:19
11.Phaedra Of Nottingham [1988 live version]5:22
12.House Of The Rising Sun 4:41
Total running time69:50
1.Calymba Caly [Section Ancient Part, including part of Thermal Inversion]9:52
2.Flock Of Bluebirds [2000 remix]3:36
3.Moorland [2000 remix]4:05
4.Oedipus Tyrannus [2000 remix]5:38
5.Astral Voyager [Excerpt]6:14
6.Phaedra Of Nottingham [1988 live version]5:20
7.Green Desert [1995 remix]5:28
8.Sorcerer And Thief 6:34
9.Southend Mall 4:31
10.Cool Breeze Of Brighton [1986 live version]10:21
11.Speed Dragon [2000 remix]3:18
12.Edinburgh Castle 8:42
Total running time73:39


Recording date1971 - 1988
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Peter Baumann, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Peter Baumann, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling, Paul Haslinger, Ralf Wadephul


The third (and last) issue in the "Tangerine Dream Classics Edition" was Antique Dreams, a collection or rare and unreleased material from the seventies and eighties, first announced in 1998 and released in the summer of 2000. All material was available on an official CD for the first time ever. The series includes the albums:


  • Sohoman (Recorded 1982, released 1999)
  • Soundmill Navigator (Recorded 1976, released 2000)
  • Antique Dreams (Recorded 1971-1988, released 2000)


Back in 1974 TD had written the music for the theatrical play Oedipus Tyrannus by Sophocles. The planned album containing this music has been left unreleased until 2019, when it was finally released as part of the In Search Of Hades box set. The only exception: The Overture had been released on the Virgin sampler album V (1974). The version of this composition on Antique Dreams is shortened by more than five minutes compared to the original release, and some new sounds have been added.


Ultima Thule, Part One, the second track on this CD, is the A-side of the first TD single Ultima Thule (1971) and appears here in a remixed version.


Calymba Caly and Edinburgh Castle have been recorded live during the 1981 and 1980 European Tours and had been previously unreleased. The released version of Calymba Caly was edited somewhat strange, missing the first seven minutes, but including the initial four minutes of the following composition instead. For convenience of reference, the first six minutes of the released version are considered Calymba Caly (section Ancient Part) throughout this discography; the remainder is considered part of the composition Thermal Inversion. This track, and the track which overlaps it which was aired on the Electrobeats show of 3rd February 1998, wrongly identified at the time as having been recorded at a putative show at the Dresden Hygienemuseum in 1980, are actually excerpts from the Frankfurt show of 30th January 1981.


The tracks Flock Of Bluebirds and Speed Dragon originate from the 12" single release Das Mädchen auf der Treppe (1982); both tracks have been retitled and remixed. A remixed version of the single's title track was included in the boxed set Tangents (1994) where it was titled White Eagle (in fact, Das Mädchen auf der Treppe is itself a remixed version of White Eagle). The original version and two more remixes have been available on the CD-5 releases Limited World Tour Edition 1997 and Das Mädchen auf der Treppe (both 1997). The remaining fourth track of the 12" single, Katja, has not been re-released on an official CD by Tangerine Dream yet.


Moorland was the B-side of the single release Daydream/Moorland (1983); for this CD release it has been remixed by Edgar Froese, too. The A-side of the single, Daydream has not yet been released on an official Tangerine Dream CD.


Sorcerer And Thief is a live medley of the composition Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme) from Sorcerer (1977) and material reminding of Diamond Diary from Thief (1981). The booklet states that this track was recorded at the Mill Valley Film Festival back in 1981; nevertheless it is more likely that it was recorded at the Festival in 1986, and TD played it also on the Berlin Reichstag concert in 1987 and during the 1990 UK tour.


The booklet states that Southend Mall was intended for release on TD's album Le Parc (1985), but it has not much in common with the compositions of that album. In fact, it is a solo production by Edgar Froese and is more similar to the material of his solo album Beyond The Storm (1995) or the solo material on the fifth CD of the boxed set Tangents (1994).


Cool Breeze Of Brighton was another previously unreleased composition, recorded live during the 1986 UK tour, while Phaedra Of Nottingham is a 1988 live version of the classic TD composition from 1974. The booklet tells that this track was recorded in Nottingham (hence the title) in 1990, and in fact Phaedra was performed at that gig, but it was not followed by Livemiles, that is clearly recognisable at the end of this track, making it obvious that it was recorded during the 1988 US tour instead.


House Of The Rising Sun, the closing title of this CD, was originally released on the 7" flexi disk House Of The Rising Sun (1989) as part of the US Reflex Magazine. Besides its rarity, this track is exceptional for at least two reasons: First, this track is one of the very few official recordings featuring the short time TD member Ralf Wadephul, and second, this is one of the very few compositions performed by TD but not written by a band member. The origin of this composition is unknown. The first printing of the lyrics is from 1925, but it goes back to at least 1905. The recording by The Animals from 1964 has become the best known version. Tangerine Dream re-arranged and performed the title during their 1988 US tour as an encore.


Especially the previously unreleased live material makes Antique Dreams an album coming up to the expectations some TD fans had back in 1998 when the CD Dream Encores was announced, but that later turned out to be a collection of mostly rare studio tracks.


Though the official release date of Antique Dreams was July 3rd, 2000, some copies were available about two or three weeks before.




In October 2007 most of the album became available as MP3 download at the Tangerine Dream Download Shop, now titled Antique Dream Land. This version features ten of the original twelve compositions, while two tracks (Ultima Thule, Part One and House Of The Rising Sun) were replaced by compositions from the album Green Desert (1973, released 1986) in their reworked versions as released on the boxed set i-Box (2000).


The Tangerine Dream Download Shop about the download release"Antique Dream Land starts a series of older recordings which have been a traditional part of Tangerine Dream's work in the past decades. Antique Dream Land is featuring partly live and studio tracks which have been previously released on various other recordings. Newly compiled and remastered they will become another brick within the huge wall of Tangerine Dream's timeless work."


Since the CD version of this album is out-of-print for some years and never has been re-released, it has somewhat become a rarity meanwhile. This might be the reason for a counterfeit release of this album, most probably originating from China. The CD itself is factory pressed (that is, not a CD-R). There are no audible sound loss or skipping sounds and the printed surface looks acceptable, although it is based on the original's inner tray cover, which is missing here. The printed inlays and booklet are printed on one side only, they are pale, blurred and bended (usually seen on Chinese bootlegs, as they are wrapped in plastic envelopes). The front cover is disgraced with some simplish fontsetting, replacing the original lettering in gold-stamped colour.


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