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- V.A. Compilation, released 1975 -


LP release UK 1975

LP release UK 1975 with sticker


1. Yesterday Man [performed by Robert Wyatt]3:07
2. Don Alfonso [performed by Mike Oldfield and Kevin Ayers]6:04
3. Go And Sit Upon The Grass [performed by Ivor Cutler]2:20
4.Overture 11:06
5. Marjory Razorblade [performed by Kevin Coyne]8:30
6. Looking For The River [performed by Kevin Coyne]3:06
7. Mirror Man (live) [performed by Captain Beefheart]4:42
8. Upon The My-O-My [performed by Captain Beefheart]4:00
9. Extract From The Messiah [performed by Slapp Happy]1:45
10. A Worm Is At Work [performed by Henry Cow]1:48
11. Sad Sing [performed by Tom Newman and Mike Oldfield]2:17
12. Super Man [performed by Tom Newman]3:30
13. Charles Semba [performed by Chili]3:20
14. Baile - (They Are Gone) [performed by Jabula]4:33
15. Extract From Part 1 [performed by Clearlight Symphony]4:00
16. Your Majesty Is Like A Cream Donut [performed by Hatfield And The North]6:08
17. White Noise II (Extract) [performed by White Noise II]4:00
18. Pentagramaspinn [performed by Steve Hillage]5:45
Total running time80:01


Recording dateJune 1974
Recording site(s)CBS Studios
Recording engineer(s)Steve Taylor
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann
Producer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann


TD's first move after the release of Phaedra was to come to England to work on the soundtrack for a thater play, 'Oedipus Tyrannus', produced by the actor Keith Michell for the Chichester Theatre. Michell was fascinated by Phaedra's "space-time element" and wanted a special project. In June 1974 they recorded the Oedipus Tyrannus score at CBS studios and a concept album version of it at the Manor, but they weren't happy with it so it was left unreleased.


Up to the release of the In Search Of Hades box in 2019, the only official excerpt from Oedipus Tyrannus seeing the light of day for 45 years was the opening composition Overture. It was released on the album V, a sampler by Virgin featuring material of numerous artists of the company. Due to the fact that this sampler was the only official source for Overture for several decades, it is included in this discography.


From 30 Years Of Dreaming

In April 1974, Tangerine Dream explained about their ways of working and the philosophy behind their music making in an interview. The interview was made by the English journalist, Karl Dallas, who later turned into being one of the group's most regular critics regarding concert and album reviews.

Baumann: "It's real teamwork. We get into the feeling of the situation and we start to choose the instruments and the special parts from harmony up to rhythm up to the colour of the sound to get close to the situation. When we're in the right surroundings we can put more of ourselves into the music and thus have more feeling. And the equipment helps." (Melody Maker, April 1974)

In the interview they told more about those first years with experimenting rock and how the electronic instruments helped breathe new life into the band. They had become very tired of playing loud rock music and everything was getting out of hand when Chris Franke sold his drums. They felt that they had to start from scratch with a simple tone and then re-discover sound and music from there -- making new real sounds and not just imitate existing sounds.

Tangerine Dream's next project was to make music for a theatre show called Oedipus Tyrannus. This performance was produced by the English actor Keith Michell, who was very fascinated by the cosmic sound of Phaedra.

The soundtrack was recorded at the CBS studios in June and it was re-recorded at Virgin's Manor studio in a version meant for release. But Tangerine Dream were not at all satisfied with the result, and hence the music was never released.

Some of the music was nevertheless released; some pieces from Oedipus Tyrannus were "recycled" on the later live album Encore. In different places on the track Desert Dream the music from Oedipus Tyrannus seems to be put in between bits of live recordings from 1977.

While Tangerine Dream were working on Oedipus Tyrannus, the success of Phaedra was paving the way for a longer tour of some 20 concerts in England later that year.

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1975: Virgin/CPF
2LP: 940 801/2
1975: Virgin/Ariola
2LP: 88 588 XBT
1975: Virgin/Orrizonte
2LP: ORL 8309/10
1975: Virgin
2LP: VD 2502; multi-coloured labels, foc; some copies with sticker 'V has vays [sic!] to make you listen'
2LP: VD 2502; green labels, foc
1975: Virgin/RTB
2LP: LP 5518/19-VD2502; multi-coloured labels
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