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by Tangerine Dream

- Live, released 1975 -


CD release Europe 1995
Photo: Monika Froese
Layout: Graphiti

CD release UK 1984
Photo: Monika Froese

8 track tape release USA 1975


1.Ricochet, Part One 17:02
2.Ricochet, Part Two 21:13
Total running time38:15


Recording date1975
Recording engineer(s)Chris Blake
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann
Producer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann


Tangerine Dream's second album of 1975, Ricochet, was mixed from tapes of their French and British tours. Like Rubycon before, it featured two long compositions, each of them filling one side of the vinyl album. According to Chris Franke, the concerts were much too long to use in one context. So Tangerine Dream had to edit about 40 to 50 hours of music, kilometres of tape, to find the most important parts that eventually were released on their first live album. The photography on the front cover was taken by Monika Froese on the ocean shore near Bordeaux.


Backtracking with Tangerine Dream

Chris Franke: "Ricochet is probably my favourite, because it proved that when we create live music, it is always different. When we create in the studio we pursue particular directions and we experiment, and it becomes more polished, but somehow the live work remains more classic. Ricochet still says something to me."

(Interview with Johnny Black, thisBEAT, issue 17, April 1986)


In 1995 Virgin re-released the album on CD in the so-called "Definitive Edition" series, featuring the original front cover artwork. The sound quality of this release, using the Super Bit Mapping technology, is probably the best up to now. Nevertheless, on previous releases, Ricochet, Part Two started with a very soft clapping of two hands right a the beginning of the piano part to give the measure for the music. This clapping has been deleted from the "Definitive Edition" CD, perhaps being regarded as a disturbing noise.


In 2011 the original album was re-released as part of the compilation box The Virgin Years 1974-1978.


1975: Virgin/Festival
LP: L 35736; multi-coloured labels
197?: Virgin
LP: 89 679; red/green labels
1975: Virgin/Polydor
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LP: V 2044; red/green labels
1984: Virgin
LP: V 2044; red labels with white stripes
1995: Virgin/EMI
CD: 840 064-2
1995: Virgin
CD: 840 064-2; identical to UK version from 1995
2012: EMI Virgin
LP: VR 2044; multi-coloured labels; black inner sleeve
1975: Virgin/CPF
LP: 940.517; multi-coloured labels
1975: Virgin/Polydor
LP: 2933 718; green labels
LP: 2933 718; black/silver labels
LP: 2933 718; red/silver labels
1981: Virgin/Ariola
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1983: Virgin
LP: 70 039; red/green labels
1984: Virgin
CD: CDV 2044; identical to UK version from 1984
198?: Virgin
CD: 2-90932
1975: Virgin/Ariola
LP: 89 679; multi-coloured labels
LP: 89 679; green labels
LP: 89 679; red/green labels; some with matte finish, others with gloss finish covers; some have the label code (LC symbol) on cover back side, others not
1984: Virgin/Ariola
LP: 89 679; red/green labels
LP: 89 679; white/grey labels
CD: 610 376; identical to UK version from 1984 with the German order number on a sticker fixed on the jewel case
1993: Virgin
CD: 786 063-2
1975: Virgin/EMI
LP: 2J 062-97623; multi-coloured labels
197?: Virgin
LP: 062-VG 50055; red/green labels
1975: Virgin/General Music
LP: V 2044; red/green labels (sometimes exchanged)
LP: V 2044; two green of the red/green labels
LP: V 2044; two red of the red/green labels
1975: Virgin/Dischi
LP: VIL 12044; multi-coloured labels
LP: VIL 12044; red/green labels
1984: Virgin
LP: OVED 26; red/green labels
LP: OVED 26; white/grey labels
1975: Virgin/Nippon Columbia
LP: YX-7090-VR; multi-coloured labels
1982: Virgin/Victor
LP: VIP 4151; green labels
1990: Virgin
CD: VJCP-2515
Promo-CD: VJCP-2515; same as regular release, but with additional red promo sticker
2009: EMI
CD: VJCP-68915; cardboard sleeve, obi
197?: Virgin/Disco Libro
LP: LA-067; multi-coloured labels
197?: Virgin/Bertelsmann
LP: LA-067; multi-coloured labels
New Zealand
1975: Virgin/EMI
LP: V 2044; multi-coloured labels, mispressing
197?: Virgin
LP: V 2044; red labels
197?: Virgin/EMI/RTC
LP: V 2044; red/green labels
1976: Virgin/Ariola
LP: 89 679 I; multi-coloured labels
1978: Virgin/Ariola
LP: 89 679 I; green labels
1980: Virgin/Ariola
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1981: Virgin/Ariola
LP: 89 679 I; red/green labels
1987: Virgin/Ariola
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19??: Artistic Style/Lee Ming
LP: RK-031; white/black labels
1975: Virgin
Promo-LP: V 2044; light-brown promo labels
LP: V 2044; light-brown labels
LP: V 2044; green labels
LP: V 2044; red/green labels
1984: Virgin
LP: OVED 26; red/green labels
CD: CDV 2044
1995: Virgin
1981: Virgin
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1988: Virgin
LP: 790 932-1; black labels with blue triangle
CD: 790 932-2
1993: Virgin
CD: V21Y 86 063-2
1975: Virgin/RTB
LP: LP 5596; multi-coloured labels
LP: LP 5596; red labels
LP: LP 5596; white labels
Ricochet was also released as part of the sets Synthetiseur and Rubycon/Ricochet.

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