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Tangerine Dream

Ultima Thule

- Studio, released 1971 -


7" release Germany 1971

7" release Italy 1975

7" release UK 2012


1.Ultima Thule, Part One 3:25
2.Ultima Thule, Part Two 4:22
Total running time7:47


Recording date1971
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann
Producer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann


Ultima Thule is TD's first official 7" single release. It was the first recording with the new band member Peter Baumann.


This single release should not be confused with the compilation The Electronic Magic Of Tangerine Dream (2008) which was later re-released under the title Ultima Thule.


From 30 Years Of Dreaming

In February 1971, Steve Schroyder left the band and once again, Tangerine Dream were on the lookout for a new band member. They finally decided on Peter Baumann, born in 1953. He had made a name of himself as an amateur musician in Berlin with the band Burning Touch, in which he mostly played the more traditional music. Baumann was in every way a self-taught person and had taught himself to play the organ.

With Froese, Franke and Baumann the most stable constellation of Tangerine Dream was a fact -- at least according to the production of albums and putting out music. [...]

It was almost a paradox though that Tangerine Dream almost at the same time [they recorded Zeit, ed.] put out a single called Ultima Thule. With their use of guitar, bass, drums and keyboards it must have been the closest they have ever been to traditional rock. This says something about how the band was searching in different directions and rather limitless at the time.

Even if the single does not resemble their first albums it is quite important since it most certainly reflects rather well how bands like Tangerine Dream, and others with the same attitude to music, sounded when they performed their free kind of rock music in the late sixties and in the early seventies.

© 1999 by Kent Eskildsen




After an Italian re-release in 1975, the single was not re-released on vinyl until 2012 (with the exception of a counterfeit, i.e. an illegal reproduction, in 1998).


Nearly 30 years after the original release, Ultima Thule, Part One was re-released on an official TD album (Antique Dreams, 2000) for the first time.


In 2004 the single was released as 5-inch CD as part of the Japan-only re-release of Alpha Centauri.


Exclusively for the Record Store Day (on April 21st, 2012) Esoteric released two limited edition vinyl items -- available from local independent record shops in the UK on that day only. Besides an LP re-release of Electronic Meditation, Ultima Thule was re-relased as 7" vinyl single in a cardboard sleeve.


1971: Ohr
7": OS 57.006; ear labels
1975: PDU/EMI Italia
7": P.A. 1101; black labels
1998: -
Counterfeit-7": OS 57.006; black labels
2012: Reactive/Esoteric
7": EREAS 1001; cardboard sleeve; limited edition of 1,000 copies
Ultima Thule was also released as part of the set Nebulous Dawn.

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