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The Electronic Magic Of Tangerine Dream

The Anthology

- Studio/Compilation, released June 2008 -


CD release USA 2008

CD release UK 2008

CD release Germany 2013


1.Lady Greengrass 2:43
2.Love Of Mine 3:05
3.Ultima Thule, Part One [2000 remix]3:22
4.Ultima Thule, Part Two 4:13
5.Sunset In The Fifth System [2008 remix]6:40
6.Asteroid Agenda 11:19
7.Maroubra Bay [Excerpt from 2005 remix]7:27
8.Borealis 4:48
9.Mysterious Semblance At The Strand Of Nightmares [Excerpt from 2005 remix]6:30
10.Run To Vegas 10:11
11.Exit To Heaven [2008 remix]4:45
12.Pink Ashes 4:11
13.Landing On 51 [2008 remix]7:57
14.The Seventh Folder 7:40
15.The Burning Hole 3:38
16.Rare Bird (Live 1988) [2008 remix]3:41
17.Silver Pendulum 4:57
18.Shy Shila [2008 remix]5:24
19.Huckebee's Dream 10:48
Total running time113:19


Recording date1967 - 2008
Composer(s)Edgar Froese (previously unreleased tracks only)
Musician(s)Edgar Froese (previously unreleased tracks only)


According to official information from the Tangerine Dream Forum, TD licensed the Eastgate release The Anthology Decades to Cleopatra Records including The Ones' songs and Ultima Thule. For "internal reasons" Eastgate then cut off those tracks from their release and did add Boat To China instead of them.


So, The Electronic Magic Of Tangerine Dream is a somewhat strange mixture of tracks from The Anthology Decades plus other compositions, some of them otherwise unreleased: Asteroid Agenda seems to base on some material from the Zeit era, with additional modern sounds and rhythm patterns. Rare Bird (alleged to be a live version from 1988) obviously is a freshly remixed version -- especially as TD did not perform this track during their 1988 tour at all. The other tracks have been released already: the 7" singles Lady Greengrass/Love Of Mine and Ultima Thule are featured completely as well as an excerpt from Phaedra and Epsilon In Malaysian Pale each -- the latter, strange enough, being a solo album by Edgar Froese, not a TD recording.


The US 2CD version of this release comes in a black cardboard box with adhered artwork, obviously being inspired by the tour posters from TD's 1975 Australian tour. The box backside shows a colour photo of a TD stage setup from the early 70s as well as the track list of both discs. It states "all selections recorded between 1967-1988", which might be doubtful. The box itself contains the two CDs (each in a clear plastic bag), a sticker, a button and two 4-page booklets. They feature some vintage photography, advertisement and the tracklist again, this time including the recording year of each track. It is unknown whether this information is accurate: for some tracks it might be correct, for others there are some doubts as far as some more modern instruments seem to be used.


The UK 2CD version has a completely different cover artwork, incorporating the title from the Ultima Thule single release from 1972. See Electronic Magic for a in-depth comparison of the two different releases.


At the same time, eight tracks of this compilation were released in the US as a limited edition vinyl boxed set, titled The Vintage Years Anthology.


In 2010, the complete list of tracks was re-released on vinyl on the albums Mysterious Semblance At The Strand Of Nightmares and Run To Vegas, and a small selection of tracks from this compilation was re-released in 2012 on the compilation The Best Of Tangerine Dream, available for download only.


In 2013 the full compilation was re-released by a German label, this time titled Ultima Thule, completely omitting the title The Electronic Magic.


2013: Solid Rockhouse/Intergroove
2CD: SRR200062; titled Ultima Thule
2008: Landmark/Entertain Me
2CD: 74882; subtitled Ultima Thule; slim double jewel case; black/orange/white discs
2008: Purple Pyramid/Cleopatra
2CD: CLP 2413-2; cardboard box; includes sticker and button; black/white/pink and black/white/green disc
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