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Tangerine Dream
Live In Sydney 1982


Tangerine Dream Classics Edition

- Live/Studio, released April 1999 -


CD release Germany 1999
Design: Edgar Froese

CD release Germany 2001
Design: Edgar Froese


1.Convention Of The 24 [1999 remix]9:17
2.White Eagle [1999 remix]4:31
3.Ayers Majestic [1999 remix]7:11
4.Logos, Part One [1999 remix]8:32
5.Bondi Parade [1999 remix, alternately titled Bondy Parade]13:22
Total running time42:53


Recording dateFebruary 22, 1982
Recording site(s)Regent Theatre (Sydney)
Recording engineer(s)Chris Blake
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling
Producer(s)Edgar Froese


Soon after the 1982 studio album White Eagle had been finished, TD toured in Australia. In fact touring and recording was all the group did then. On the road, Johannes Schmoelling visited some exotic locations. Later he remembered: "It was always a unique way of refilling the empty batteries of our creativity. Every time we came back from a trip we went into the studio and started recording. For myself it was a great adventure, performing in front of an audience in different countries, feeling the emotion of the crowd as they reacted to the music. There are deep memories of concerts and I think you never find as much emotion when you perform in the studio."


As the first release of the so-called "Tangerine Dream Classics Edition" TDI issued the album Sohoman in 1999. This series includes the following albums:



Sohoman features the first part of the Sydney concert. However, this was not the first time that a recording of this concert hit the market. A bootleg LP with the strange title Leprous Appearance On Wednesday which appeared 1984 and was re-released in 1993 on the bootleg CD Dreaming features the same part of this concert. Even if this bootleg mentions Melbourne as source, it turned out later that it is the Sydney recording. When comparing these recordings, they prove that Sohoman has been heavily reworked in the studio. Sounds and chords have been added, thus the CD sounds "tangentized", like fans name TD's style of reworking older material like on the Tangents box. Nevertheless, this type of reworking is not mentioned on the CD cover or in the booklet.


All five compositions on the CD can be heard as one long track with the typical bridges in between. Convention Of The 24 and White Eagle are live versions of the tracks from the album White Eagle (1982); Logos is an excerpt of the long composition that had been played on the European tour later that year and that has been released on the album Logos Live (1982). Ayers Majestic and Bondi Parade had not been available officially before the release of Sohoman. Both tracks have the a very rhythmic structure and are typical for TD's 1981/82 live appearances, though obviously they have been further reworked for this release.


As mentioned above, Sohoman features only the first set of the concert; the second, officially still unreleased set and the encores contain some more unreleased material besides well-known music from the albums Force Majeure (1979), Exit (1981) and White Eagle (1982). The complete, untouched concert (taken from a radio broadcast) has been fan-released as Tangerine Tree Volume 37: Sydney 1982 in 2003.




In 2001 the CD was re-released with a slightly different cover artwork; especially the white frame of the cover was removed, a spelling error ('Edagar Froese') on the back insert was fixed, and the last track was retitled from Bondy Parade to Bondi Parade.


1999: TDI/EFA
CD: 63014-2
2001: TDI/EFA
CD: 63014-2
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