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Tangerine Dream

Leprous Appearance On Wednesday

- Live/Compilation, released 1984 -


LP bootleg release 1984

CD bootleg release 1993


1. [Fanfare, part of the track Veganoid]0:340:34
2.Convention Of The 24 [1982 live version, part of the tracks Veganoid/Revolve And Mangle]9:179:17
3.White Eagle [1982 live version, part of the track Revolve And Mangle]4:314:31
4.Ayers Majestic [1982 live version, part of the track Revolve And Mangle]7:377:37
5.Cybernetic Error [1982 live version]6:096:09
6.Bondi Parade [1982 live version, titled El Rondo Quartism]13:4213:42
7.Midnight In Tula [1982 live version, part of the track Through A Burning Brain]3:533:53
8. [Jingle, part of the track Through A Burning Brain]1:001:00
9.Ultima Thule, Part One -3:22
Total running time46:4350:05


Recording dateFebruary 22nd, 1982
Recording site(s)Regent Theatre (Sydney)
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling


TD toured Australia for the second time in early 1982, appearing as the main act of a festival. Their performance at Sydney's Regent Theatre on February, 22nd was broadcast on Australian radio, and an excellent tape of the show circulated among collectors. For unknown reasons, several people labelled the tape as 'Melbourne 24.2.82', although the Melbourne concert was on March 1st. With this erroneous title, the tape fell into the hands of German bootleggers, and Leprous Appearance On Wednesday was born in 1984. It has a neutral cover, and the green photocopied inlay sheet shows invented titles for the featured tracks. Only 200 copies exist, half of them numbered from one to 100, the rest unnumbered.




This extremely rare LP bootleg was re-released in 1993 on a bootleg CD titled Dreaming, with the addition of the rare bonus track Ultima Thule, Part One that was not contained on the LP bootleg. Like on the LP, the concert is alleged to be the Melbourne gig from 1982, but in fact is the Sydney concert. The CD cover originates from the compilation The Collection (1987); the music obviously has been remastered from the LP. The origin is obviously in Germany.


This part of the concert was released six years later in a remixed version on the official album Sohoman (1999). The music contains live material that was not available on any official record prior to Sohoman besides some tracks from the albums White Eagle and Logos Live (both 1982). The fantasy titles in the track listing do not refer to the original compositions, and he tracks are not split correctly according to the running times listed above. The bonus track originates from the rare single Ultima Thule (1972) and was released for the first time on a regular CD on the Compilation Antique Dreams (2000).


This bootleg became obsolete due to the releases of Tangerine Tree Volume 37: Sydney 1982.


1984: 'Hundred Productions'
Bootleg-LP [a]: HP1; white labels, white sleeve, green insert with a photo of the group 'Urban Sax'
1993: 'Music Brandenburg'
Bootleg-CD [b]: TDCD 0193 / CD 9303; silver/black disc; titled Dreaming
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