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Tangerine Dream

The Emerald Beyond

- Live, released 1986 -


LP bootleg release 1986

LP fake release

LP fake release

LP fake release

CD bootleg release 1992


1. Live Material [Untitled]17:54
2. Live Material [Untitled]19:26
Total running time37:20


Recording dateMarch 31, 1977
Recording site(s)Ford Auditorium (Detroit)
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann


1986 and 1987 have been hard years for the serious bootleg collectors. A lot of new titles were issued every other month, several of them in Germany, where the bootleg scene has been almost dried out now after big raids of the Phonographic Industry which put several bootleggers 'out of business'. All of these issues were more or less limited editions from one to a few hundred copies. They did not, therefore, reach the level of general availability of Staatsgrenze West or Fassbinder Memorial Concert. Their limited availability also subjected them to much speculation and vast price differences.


The Emerald Beyond, labelled as an Australian production but apparently from Germany, features an excellent recording of TD's encores at Detroit's Ford Auditorium on March 31st, 1977. The frantic crowd in the 'Capital of Heavy Metal' had driven TD to an almost unique performance of 'Heavy Metal Electronics'. Only 75 copies exist, 25 of them on red vinyl, the rest on the ordinary black, all with a black and white printed cover. Just four of them were sold in 1986 at extremely high prices, as during a campaign of the German Phonographic industry against the bootleggers all the rest had been confiscated in a police bust. In 1987, they were returned to the producer and appeared on the market.




Later some copies of the bootleg LP were repackaged and sold under the titles Die Medianen von Zymbiola and The Dremas (sic! see cover above!) Are Known To You, alleged to be live recordings from Seattle and Kansas, respectively. Never trust a bootleg cover!


Early 1992 saw a re-release of this record on the CD format under the misleading title Acoustic LSD - Live in Seattle, USA 'The Emerald Beyond'. The CD case contains a simple coloured insert. The back insert wrongly states "Live in Seattle, USA". On the backside insert, the edition of the disc is given by 500 copies, but it probably is up to 1,000. The origin seems to be in Germany. The recording quality is very good.


This bootleg became obsolete due to the release of Tangerine Tree Volume 25: Detroit 1977.


Bootleg-LP: -; red vinyl, yellow labels
Bootleg-LP: -; black vinyl, blue labels
1992: 'CASH Records'
Bootleg-CD: CA 2689; silver/black disc, titled Acoustic LSD
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