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Tangerine Dream

Undulation / Soundtrack For Fantasy

- Live, released 1986 -


LP bootleg release 1986

CD bootleg release 1992

LP fake release 1993


1.Undulation [1980 live version, untitled]5:30
2.Track 80 [1980 live version, untitled]5:50
3.Calymba Caly [1980 live version, untitled]15:40
4.Unexpected Death [1980 live version, untitled]4:05
5.Piano Solo 80 [1980 live version, untitled]6:25
6.Force Majeure [1980 live version, untitled]3:13
7.The Price [1980 live version, untitled]2:45
Total running time43:28


Recording dateNovember 05, 1980
Recording site(s)Guild Hall (Preston)
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling


A series of three bootlegs was issued within a few months time, featuring material from TD's tours of Great Britain in the early eighties. The first 40 minutes of TD's concert at Preston Guildhall, November 5th, 1980 are on Undulation, while another 20 minutes of this concert are on the bootleg Space Trucking. A limited edition of 5 numbered copies of "Undulation" has popped up with a colour front inlay.


CD bootleggers put out Undulation in digital format in 1992 under the misleading title Soundtrack For Fantasy, Live in Detroit, USA "Undulation". The CD case contains a simple coloured insert. The back insert wrongly states "Live in Detroit, USA". On the backside insert, the edition of the disc is given by 500 copies, but it probably is up to 1,000. The origin seems to be in Germany. The recording quality is very good.


In 1993 copies of the Undulation LP appeared, titled Edison's Last Playoff and alleged to be limited to 50 copies. Obviously only a few copies do exist, handmade by a fan or a dealer to offer them as swap material for rare items or to make much money out of them. The original matrix number from Undulation has been scratched out from the vinyl, and a new code EDLPO US77-A/B appears now.


This bootleg became obsolete due to the release of Tangerine Tree Volume 62: Preston 1980.


Bootleg-LP: DREAM1/2; white labels, coloured sleeve
Bootleg-LP: -; white labels, black/white sleeve
1992: 'CASH Records'
Bootleg-CD: CA 26894; silver/black disc; titled Soundtrack For Fantasy
Bootleg-LP: -; fake, titled Edison's Last Playoff
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