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1982, February 22 - 1982, March 01

Australia Tour 1982


Line-upEdgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling


February 22Sydney Regent Theatre (Australia)
February 24Adelaide Thebarton Town Hall (Australia)
February 26Perth Concert Hall (Australia)
March 01Melbourne Dallas Brooks Hall (Australia)

Set List

First Set

Convention Of The 24 (9:45)
A slightly different opening from the studio version on White Eagle, with the sequence building up by adding a few notes at a time.
White Eagle (4:45)
Barely discernible from the White Eagle version, apart from the lead-in and lead-out.
Ayers Majestic (7:15)
Beginning with a Logos-type intro, this launches into an early version of Horizon (the second half), but with heavier percussion in parts -- the drum pattern of Midnight In Tula and Dolphin Dance, and the drum rolls featured in tracks like the opening theme to the film The Soldier appear. This piece has been overdubbed for release on Sohoman.
Logos Velvet (6:00)
Cutting off before the end of the album version on Logos Live, going into an atmospheric bridge section. The actual live version was much shorter than the one featured on Sohoman. It is not clear where the extra length goes; it does not sound so much like the same piece of music twice, rather that certain sections have been "cut-and-pasted" into several places.
Bondi Parade (14:00)
The "false drum start" present in the UK 1981 version of this track disappears in this rendition. There are also several differences between the Sohoman version of this track and the piece played live. Firstly, the mid-range sequence enters soon after the percussion, not a few minutes later as released. Secondly, Edgar Froese's guitar playing has been removed from the official version. Thirdly, an entire new ending has been constructed for the piece; the original ending was like the rest of the piece, ending with some roaring wind noise and guitar sounds.

Second Set

Mojave Plan (27:00)
Identical to the 1981 British Isles Tour.
Thermal Inversion (13:00)
Identical to the 1981 British Isles Tour.
Remote Viewing (1:00)
Identical to the 1981 British Isles Tour.
Force Majeure (3:00)
Identical to the 1981 British Isles Tour.
The Price (2:30)
Identical to the 1981 British Isles Tour.


Choronzon (10:00)
The extended live version of the composition from Exit. Was played as first encore in Sydney and Melbourne.
Midnight In Tula (4:00)
Faithful to the album version on White Eagle. Was played as second encore in Sydney and Melbourne.

(All times rounded to nearest 15 seconds and include bridges following song, if any.)

Large parts of this section have been taken from the site What Dreams Are Made Of by kind permission of the authors John A. Burek and Mark Schaffer.


Disc 6 of the i-Box, the so called "Perth Tapes", purports to contain part of the Perth concert from 26th February (of which no fan tape does exist). It contains tracks quite different from the above set list. Given the uniformity in the main sets after 1980, it seems highly unlikely that the band would deviate so much from the recorded main sets from Sydney and Melbourne, so this disc would appear tro be a studio construction. In particular Mojave Plan from the "Perth Tapes" seems to be identical to the 20-minute studio version from White Eagle, not the extended version as played live (which could extend to 27 minutes).


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