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1981, October 15 - 1981, October 29

British Isles Tour 1981


Line-upEdgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling


October 15Oxford Apollo Theatre (UK)
October 16Portsmouth Guildhall (UK)
October 17Brighton Dome (UK)
October 18Ipswich Gaumont Theatre (UK)
October 19Cork James Connolly Hall (Ireland)
October 20London Hammersmith Odeon (UK)
October 21Birmingham Odeon Theatre (UK)
October 22Sheffield City Hall (UK)
October 23Derby Assembly Rooms (UK)
October 24Manchester Apollo Theatre (UK)
October 25Newcastle City Hall (UK)
October 26Edinburgh Usher Hall (UK)
October 27Glasgow Apollo City Hall (UK)
October 28Preston Guild Hall (UK)
October 29Liverpool Royal Court (UK)

Set List

First Set

Logos Intro (10:00)
This version was slightly different from -- and much longer than -- the 1982 version as released on Logos Live. The additional length is taken up merely with repetitions, and the chief difference is that the percussion is not syncopated here.
Edinburgh Castle (8:00)
Virtually the same as the version that appeared on German TV (titled Sobornost), which lacked the overdubbing of the Antique Dreams version. The track is based around the same sequence as appears on unreleased Tangerine Dream Music Track 7 from Risky Business - The Audio Movie Kit (and which appears on Electronic Orgy as Return Of The Goodsens).
Digital Times Suite (16:00)
This epic, not released on any studio album, consists of three sections, the first of them being merely a bridge piece. Mostly single-note bass thumping, later overlaid with a harmonica-type lead note, it divides into two more or less equal parts. The second sequence is a piece in the style of Logos Intro, based around a revolving four-bar sequence. There is a break about half way through, then the main theme returns. The third (and last) section is notable for its mechanical sequencer work. It has similar percussion to that appearing on Logos Live, and a synth brass lead plays the melody.
Bondi Parade (13:00)
Unlike the version played throughout the 1982 Australia Tour, this version contains a "false start" -- the percussion starts up, stops after a bar, then starts up again and the piece proper begins.

Second Set

Mojave Plan (27:00)
The first appearance of this track, predating the release of the White Eagle album. The extra length merely comes from repetition of the sequencer parts in the so-called Canyon Part and Desert Part, with extended noodling over the top.
Thermal Inversion (13:00)
Almost identical to the version played during the 1981 European Tour.
Remote Viewing (1:00)
All that was played was the opening minute from the Exit track, used as an atmospheric intro.
Force Majeure (3:45)
A short excerpt from the epic composition, rather faithful to the studio version on Force Majeure.
The Price (3:00)
A piece reminiscent of Logos Coda but with a different chord pattern and in a different key.


Kiew Mission (7:30)
This time presented with no vocals, but otherwise quite a faithful rendition of the Exit version. Played as first encore during most gigs of this tour.
Choronzon (10:00)
Almost identical to the version played during the 1981 European Tour. Played as second encore during most gigs of this tour.

(All times rounded to nearest 15 seconds and include bridges following song, if any.)

Large parts of this section have been taken from the site What Dreams Are Made Of by kind permission of the authors John A. Burek and Mark Schaffer.


When TD returned to the British Isles in the autumn of 1981, they came with a vastly rewritten set (which, considering they had only been there the previous year, was understandable). Only the last twenty minutes of the main set survived, with the opening minute of Remote Viewing inserted before Force Majeure. The second set opened with an extended version of Mojave Plan, at the time unreleased. The first set was completely new -- and certainly looking forward to the Logos Live style of material.


The 1981 UK Tourbook

For the 1981 UK tour a tourbook was published.

(Click on the image to see a larger version of the cover in a new browser window)



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