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Risky Business - The Audio Movie Kit

- Soundtrack, released 1983 -


CD bootleg release USA 1997


1. Introduction2:55
2. Trailer1:31
3. Featurette 1: Tom Cruise2:17
4. Featurette 2: Rebecca DeMornay1:43
5. Featurette 3: Paul Brickman1:40
6. Featurette 4: Jon Avnet/Steve Tisch2:56
7. Featurette 5: Tom Cruise2:08
8. Featurette 6: Rebecca DeMornay1:04
9. Featurette 7: Tom Cruise1:58
10. Featurette 8: Paul Brickman1:33
11. Featurette 9: Tangerine Dream/Paul Brickman [with Chris Franke]2:44
12. Featurette 10: Jon Avnet/Steve Tisch2:56
13. News Event 1: Tom Cruise/Paul Brickman/Rebecca DeMornay2:04
14. News Event 2: Tom Cruise/Rebecca DeMornay/Paul Brickman2:26
15. News Event 3: Rebecca DeMornay1:53
16. News Event 4: Jon Avent/Paul Brickman2:29
17. News Event 5: Tom Cruise/Steve Tisch2:32
18. Open Ended Feature 12:37
19. Open Ended Feature 22:06
20. Open Ended Feature 32:41
21. Open Ended Feature 43:57
22. Open Ended Feature 51:44
23. Risky Business Special Segment 110:56
24. Risky Business Special Segment 211:32
25. Promo Spots 1-31:42
26. Film Clips 1-167:14
27.Tangerine Dream Music Track 1 1:28
28.Tangerine Dream Music Track 2 1:48
29.Tangerine Dream Music Track 3 3:07
30.Tangerine Dream Music Track 4 0:31
31.Tangerine Dream Music Track 5 0:24
32.Tangerine Dream Music Track 6 0:11
33.Tangerine Dream Music Track 7 1:00
34.Tangerine Dream Music Track 8 3:12
Total running time92:59


Recording date1983
Recording site(s)Berlin
Recording engineer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling
Producer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling


In 1983 a double vinyl set of probably 50 to 100 copies was released to promote the forthcoming movie Risky Business. The two LPs contain trailers and interviews -- one of them featuring Chris Franke -- plus eight music clips taken from the soundtrack. These tracks are different from the material that had been used for the official release of the Risky Business soundtrack album.




In 1997 the legendary kit was re-released as a bootleg on CD. Both discs of the set are wrapped in a thick white paper booklet bound in dark-red imitated leather. The title Risky Business - The Audio Movie Kit is printed with gold letters on the front cover, a small colour picture of the original kit is sticked on it. The set comes in a clear plastic sleeve sealed by a golden circle sticker with the symbol of the "Sun Of Burping Cow Production". The CDs are identical copies of the two vinyl LPs. The book contains the complete and carefully reproduced text lines of the promo folder of the original box-set. The covers of the box-set, the folder and the label of side four of the LP have been reproduced in colour pictures. The first page of the book refers to a limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies. The bootlegs were sold for 135$ each copy.


1983: Geffen/Warner Bros.
Promo-2LP: -; blue/white labels
1997: 'Son Of Burping Cow Productions'
Bootleg-2CD: multi-coloured discs with booklet
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