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Risky Business

Film Soundtrack

- Soundtrack, released 1984 -


LP release UK 1984

CD release UK 1985


1. Old Time Rock And Roll [performed by Bob Seger]3:163:16
2.The Dream Is Always The Same 2:203:42
3.No Future (Get Off The Babysitter) [1983 remix]2:002:00
4.Guido The Killer Pimp 4:184:18
5.Lana [1983 remix]3:513:51
6. Mannish Boy (I'm A Man) [performed by Muddy Waters]4:024:02
7. The Pump [performed by Jeff Beck]5:445:44
8. D.M.S.R. [performed by Prince]5:055:05
9. After The Fall [performed by Journey]4:204:20
10. In The Air Tonight [performed by Phil Collins]5:265:26
11.Love On A Real Train (Risky Business) 2:153:58
Total running time42:3745:42


Recording date1983
Recording site(s)Berlin
Recording engineer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling
Producer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling


The movie Risky Business (German title was Lockere Geschäfte), starring Tom Cruise and Rebecca DeMornay, was directed by Paul Brickman in 1983. Besides well-known tracks composed and performed by artists like Phil Collins and Prince, the soundtrack album features a handful of TD compositions with a total length of less than 20 minutes. While some of them are obviously basing on material from the albums Force Majeure and Exit, especially the track Love On A Real Train (Risky Business) has become one of the most famous TD compositions and was played ever again on live gigs of TD in the 80's and 90's.


More information about this movie is available at The Internet Movie Database.


With the release of the soundtrack album Risky Business in 1984, TD's collaboration with Richard Branson's Virgin Records came to an end after ten years. Ten more years later Edgar Froese still remembered these 'Virgin Years' with fondness, as a time when brave experimental music could be made and appreciated by millions the world over: "Since Virgin gave TD complete freedom regarding the choice of music, it was possible at any time to experiment beyond all possible borders. The goal and fascination of TD music was always to create sounds and structures that had never been heard before. The aim of the music during the Virgin period was to paint surreal pictures with musical instruments."


In 2020 the five TD tracks of this album were newly remastered by Ben Wiseman from the original tapes and re-released as part of the Pilots Of Purple Twilight box set.


1984: Virgin/CBS
Promo-LP [a]: V 2302; white promo labels, gsc
LP [a]: V 2302; red/green labels; three different label layouts, some of them with the Geffen logo
198?: Virgin/CBS
LP [a]: OVED 154; red/green labels
1984: Virgin
LP [a]: 70 241; black labels
LP [a]: 70 241; red/green labels
1984: Virgin/Ariola
LP [a]: 206 098; red/green labels
LP [a]: 206 128; red/green labels; titled 'Lockere Geschäfte'
1985: Virgin/Ariola
CD [b]: 256 128-222
198?: Virgin
LP [a]: 062-VG 50043; red/green labels
1984: Virgin/Geffen/CBS
LP [a]: V 2032; cover with hebrew text, labels with Virgin and Geffen logos
1984: Virgin/Dischi
LP [a]: V 2302; red/green labels
198?: Virgin/Bertelsmann
LP [a]: LAE-577; red/green labels
New Zealand
1984: Virgin
LP [a]: V 2302; red/green labels
1984: Virgin/Edisom
LP [a]: 618 605; red/green labels
1984: Virgin
LP [a]: I 206 098; red/green labels
198?: Virgin
LP [a]: 3065; red/green labels
1984: Virgin
LP [a]: V 2302; red/green labels
1985: Virgin
LP [b]: V 2302; red/green labels
CD [b]: CDV 2302
198?: Virgin
LP [b]: OVED 240; white/grey labels
198?: Virgin/Rodren Discos
LP [a]: 1506; red/green labels
Risky Business was also released as part of the set L'Affaire Wallraff / Excerpts From 'Risky Business'.

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