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Tangerine Dream

Le Parc

- Studio, released May 1985 -


CD release Germany 1985
Design: Monique Froese

CD release Europe 1996
Design: Monique Froese

LP release Europe 2019 with obi
Design: Monique Froese



Recording dateJanuary - February 1985
Recording engineer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling, Robert Kastler, Katja Brauneis, Clare Torry
Producer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling


"The world, indeed, is like a dream and the treasures of the world are an alluring mirage. Like the apparent distances in a picture, things have no reality in themselves but are like a heat haze."
- Buddha


The 1985 album Le Parc was the last official studio release with Johannes Schmoelling, who left Tangerine Dream in October 1985. In another way, too, Le Parc was a turning point in the musical history of Tangerine Dream: the much-beloved atmospheric or 'spacey' 20-minute long epics had gone in favour of nine quite short titles, the longest clocking in at barely over six minutes. Edgar Froese in an interview with Jonathan Miller: "Tangerine Dream is like breathing -- the first 12 or 13 years was breathing out and the other decade is breathing in. The simple concept is the inside and outside world. It's more complicated if you go into it, but breathing in means that by the natural aspect of breathing, it's inside and not spacey. It's not macrocosm, it's microcosm."


Edgar Froese has been quoted as saying, "I look at our compositions as travel music, adventure music, much of which has been inspired by the places we've visited over the years." And in fact, Le Parc was inspired by nine parks and gardens around the world. On this album the TD trio was supported by three guest musicians -- including Clare Torry, who also sang on Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon back in 1973.


Though the composer credits of all tracks were shared by the three TD musicians, in October 2020 Jerome Froese confirmed that they were composed and performed individually. Chris Franke's only contribution was Yellowstone Park (Rocky Mountains), while Johannes Schmoelling supplied Central Park (New York), Le Parc (L.A. - Streethawk) and Hyde Park (London). The remaining five compositions were by Edgar Froese. Jerome Froese: "During the Le Parc production the atmosphere between Edgar and Johannes was already quite tense and everyone worked individually on the songs. I was in Austria at the time when the tunes of Johannes arrived by mail. I remember that Edgar did not like the tracks at all and was extremely upset about them. [...] I think Edgar was a bit annoyed by the excessive use of the PPG Waveterm by Johannes and the tunes sounded too hectic and technical to him. [...] My favorite on Le Parc was always Yellowstone Park. Unfortunately this Shakuhachi flute sound [from the Emulator II sampler] has become so worn out that it is hard to bear nowadays. I know, Chris was one of the first people to own an Emulator I because of his personal connections to E-mu. I hadn't heard the flute sound anywhere else at that time. Nowadays you can't really use it anymore, it's as used up as the typical 80's orchestra hit sample." (Facebook, October 2020)




Le Parc saw several re-releases in CD format throughout the years.


In April 2012 the album was re-released by Esoteric Records on their Reactive label as part of a re-issue of the TD back catalogue of the Pink and Blue Years. The album was completely remastered and comes with a nice 16-page booklet including numerous photos plus an essay written by journalist Malcolm Dome. Like some other albums of this re-release series Le Parc comes with a bonus track, the single version of Le Parc (L.A. - Streethawk) that is mixed completely different than the album version and had never been released on CD before.


On occasion of the Record Store Day 2019 on April 13th, Culture Factory Records re-released the album on yellow vinyl. Apart from the colour, this re-release is a replica of the album's first US vinyl release from 1985, including the labels.


1985: Jive/CNR
LP [a]: 656.070; blue labels; there exist labels with two different logos
1985: Jive/Quality
LP [a]: JV 6624; blue labels
1985: Jive
LP [a]: HIP 26; world map labels
CD [a]: CHIP 26
1996: Essential/Castle
CD [a]: ESMCD364
2003: Sanctuary/Castle
CD [a]: CMRCD634; standard jewel case with additional cardboard wrapper
2012: Reactive/Esoteric
CD [b]: EREACD 1027; standard jewel case with additional cardboard wrapper; multicoloured disc
2019: Culture Factory
LP [a]: 782 937; yellow vinyl, gatefold cover, obi; limited edition of 2,000 copies
1985: Jive/Carrere
LP [a]: CA 68266.309; world map labels
CD [a]: CA 80296.309
1985: Jive/Teldec
Promo-LP [a]: 6.26135 AP; world map labels; DIN A4 sized booklet
LP [a]: 6.26135 AP; world map labels; there exist two slightly different covers
LP [a]: 6.26135 BC; world map labels; there exist two slightly different covers
CD [a]: 8.26135
1989: Jive/Teldec
CD [a]: 244 036-2
1991: Jive/BMG
CD [a]: WD 75215; different booklet and back cover
1985: Jive
LP [a]: 40009; blue labels
1985: Jive
LP [a]: HIP 26
1985: CBS/Sony
Promo-LP [a]: 28 AP 3070; red/yellow promo labels
LP [a]: 28 AP 3070; red/yellow labels, paper spine wrapper
CD [a]: 32 DP-263
1988: Alfa
CD [a]: 32 XB-222
1985: Jive/BMG
LP [a]: LA 648; blue labels
199?: ?
Counterfeit-CD: Z 1139; black/orange disc
1985: Jive/Sanni
LP [a]: HIP 26; blue labels
1985: Jive
LP [a]: HIP 26; blue labels
LP [a]: HIP 26; world map labels
CD [a]: CHIP 26
1985: Relativity
Promo-LP [a]: 88561-8043-1; black labels, gsc
LP [a]: 88561-8043-1; black labels
CD [a]: 88561-8043-2
1996: Sequel/Castle
CD [a]: 1045-2
2000: Castle
CD [a]: CMACD578
2003: Sanctuary
CD [a]: 06076-81258-2
1985: Jive/RTVL
LP [a]: RTV LL 1319; yellow/green labels
Le Parc was also released as part of the set The Blue Years Studio Albums.

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