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Tangerine Dream

Live In Budapest At Béla Bartók National Concert Hall

- Live, released November 2012 -


CD release Germany 2012
Photo: Ralf Strathmann
Artwork: Edgar Froese & Bianca Froese-Acquaye

Download release 2012
Photo: Ralf Strathmann
Artwork: Edgar Froese & Bianca Froese-Acquaye

DVD release Germany 2012
Photo: Ralf Strathmann
Artwork: Edgar Froese & Bianca Froese-Acquaye


1.The Sensational Fall Of The Master Builder [2012 live version]8:408:43
2.Breaching Sky [2012 live version]4:074:11
3.Morphing [2012 live version]4:174:31
4.Song Of The Whale (To Dusk) [2012 live version]7:537:38
5.Ayumi's Loom [2012 live version]4:434:52
6.Logos [2012 live version]6:236:19
7.Purple Of All Curtains [2012 live version]4:144:16
8.Marmontel Riding On A Clef [2012 live version]7:587:57
9.Living In Eternity [2012 live version]4:044:13
10.The Silver Boots Of Bartlett Green [2012 live version]8:017:51
11.Ricochet (Extract) [2012 live version]8:198:26
12.Hoël Dhat The Alchemist [2012 live version]7:217:18
13.Lady Monk [2012 live version]4:474:44
14.Long Island Sunset [2012 live version]7:077:14
15.Circle Of Eternity [2012 live version]6:256:28
16.Blue Bridge [2012 live version]5:054:56
17.Alchemy Of The Heart [2012 live version]5:475:40
18.Adios A Cusco [2012 live version]7:477:59
19.Homeless [2012 live version]9:359:26
20.Warsaw In The Sun [2012 live version]6:136:22
21.Transition [2012 live version]6:186:16
22.Girl On The Stairs [2012 live version]6:216:26
23.Summer (Four Seasons) [2012 live version]3:363:41
24.One Night In Space [2012 live version]7:217:12
25.Star Wars Theme (R2-D2-Joke) [2012 live version]6:126:11
26.Caminos Del Inca [2012 soundcheck version]9:19-
27. Credits [via menu]-1:00
Total running time167:53159:50


Recording dateApril 10, 2012
Recording site(s)Bartók Béla National Concert Hall (Budapest)
Recording engineer(s)Christian Gstettner
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann, Paul Haslinger, Jerome Froese, Linda Spa, Thorsten Quaeschning, Antonio Vivaldi, John Williams
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Thorsten Quaeschning, Linda Spa, Iris Camaa, Bernhard Beibl, Hoshiko Yamane
Producer(s)Edgar Froese


In April 2012 performed in Budapest, setting of their Electronic Mandarine Tour that would lead them through five European countries, to Canada and to the USA. The complete concert was recorded and finally released in November 2012 both on a triple CD album and a DVD. Due to a pressing mistake affecting the overall sound quality the CD album release was delayed by about two weeks. Customers of the Eastgate shop who had preordered the album received a new signed postcard for free to compensate the additional time they had to wait for the item. 20 of those postcards were stamped on the back side and were valid as a voucher for two further products from the Eastgate shop.


The CD set comes with a 16-page booklet featuring the track listing, credits and numerous photos taken before, during and after the concert.


The Eastgate Music Shop about the CD release"The Budapest concert was the opener for Tangerine Dream's Electric Mandarine Tour on 10th April 2012.
The most modern national concert hall in Hungary, the Béla Bartók Hall was packed with a wonderful international audience. A fantastic acoustic and great stage setting made this gig an unforgettable event. Filmed and recorded by a Hungarian Broadcast team, we now can offer you a DVD [...] and a triple CD version of the concert. The loyal fans of Hungary and people who traveled from all over Europe to see the opening show of the band have given this concert some extraordinary support. Even those of you who couldn't attend, will dive within a few minutes into this hard to define TD concert atmosphere. Enjoy yourself and follow the band during a 3 hours set in the Hungarian capital, the beautiful city of Budapest.
Here you'll have the chance to buy the triple CD set including a full colour 16 page booklet with great concert pics and one more bonus track which couldn't been played during the concert (Caminos Del Inca)."


Almost on the same date as its CD release this album became available as MP3 download at the Tangerine Dream Download Shop as well.


The double-layer DVD comes in a standard DVD case with a 12-page booklet, including the track listing, credits and numerous large photos from the concert. The DVD menu provides the options to play the complete concert as well as to start from individual tracks, to view the credits, and to do the audio setup (Stereo 2.0 or Dolby Surround 5.1). The DVD version does include neither the track recorded during the soundcheck nor any other bonus material.


2012: Eastgate
3CD [a]: eastgate 058 CD; triple jewel case; matrix codes: eastgate 058 CD1, eastgate 058 CD2 and eastgate 058 CD3; no order number on cds or inserts
DVD [b]: eastgate 013 DVD; black/white/red disc; no order number on dvd or inserts
Download [a]: complete release or individual tracks as MP3
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