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Lady Monk

There are several official versions of this composition:
  • the original studio recording from 2007
  • eight slightly different live recordings from 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2012

This composition overlays the base tracks of Zen Garden (Ryoanji Temple Kyoto) with a heavy rhythm and some different melody.


Recording year2007
Composer(s)Edgar Froese


Tangerine Dream: Official Releases
2007Sleeping Watches Snoring In Silence [a] 4:50
London Astoria Club Concert 2007 [a] [2007 live version]5:02
Orange Odyssey [a] [2007 live version]5:02
Booster [a] 4:50
One Night In Space [a] [2007 live version]4:58
2008Loreley [a] [2008 live version]4:55
Loreley [b] [2008 live version]4:40
2009Rocking Out The Bats [a] [2009 live version]4:48
Rocking Out The Bats [b] [2009 live version]4:48
2010Izu [a] [2009 live version]5:02
Izu [b] [2009 live version]5:00
Izu [c] [2009 live version]5:00
2012Live In Budapest At Béla Bartók National Concert Hall [a] [2012 live version]4:47
Live In Budapest At Béla Bartók National Concert Hall [b] [2012 live version]4:44
Live At Admiralspalast Berlin [a] [2012 live version]4:43
Live At Admiralspalast Berlin [b] [2012 live version]5:02

Live Performances

2007April 20London Astoria (UK)
July 01Eberswalde Marktplatz (Germany)
October 07Frankfurt Alte Oper (Germany)
2008July 18St. Goarshausen Loreley Open Air (Germany)
2009August 29Northeim Waldbühne (Germany)
August 30Berlin Citadelle Spandau (Germany)
September 05Peninsula Izu Cycle Sports Center (Japan)
2012May 06Milano Teatro degli Arcimboldi (Italy)
June 24London Shepherds Bush Empire (UK)
2014April 11 MSC Divina (Caribbean Sea)


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