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Hoshiko Yamane


Hoshiko Yamane (born 1981 in Osaka) is a violinist and composer, now based in Berlin where she moved after she had graduated with the Master of Fine Art for violin at Aich Prafecture University of Art and Music. She also graduated for Diploma in violin in University of Music and Theater in Rostock (Germany). During her study she worked at Brandenburgisches Staatorchester. As violin player (both acoustic and electric) she has been actively performing with people from different areas, such as an improvisational collaboration with dancer, kaligrapher and live painter. In 2011 she has worked with Jane Birkin on her EU tour. Since 2011 she has performed on a number of Tangerine Dream studio albums and has been a constant member of TD's live line-up since then.


There is an official web site of Hoshiko Yamane:


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