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Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Tree Volume 21: Detroit 1992

- Live, released January 2003 -


CD-R fan release 2003
Design: Maff
Graphics: Marko Marin

CD-R fan release 2003
Design: Leah Cim
Graphics: Zachary


1.Waterborne [1992 live version]4:23
2.Touchwood [1992 live version]4:55
3.Rolling Down Cahuenga [1992 live version]6:51
4.The Blue Bridge [1992 live version]3:42
5.Oriental Haze [1992 live version]6:09
6.Graffiti Street [1992 live version]6:08
7.Melrose [1992 live version]6:40
8.Two Bunch Palms [1992 live version]5:46
9.220 Volt [1992 live version]8:29
10.Homeless [1992 live version]10:26
11.Story Of The Brave [1992 live version]4:33
12.Sundance Kid [1992 live version]5:00
13.Girls On Broadway [1992 live version]4:59
14.Love On A Real Train [1992 live version]3:51
15.Backstreet Hero [1992 live version]8:43
16.Body Corporate [1992 live version]3:57
17.Rockoon [1992 live version]7:27
18.One Night In Medina [1992 live version]4:30
19.Hamlet [1992 live version]8:39
20.Dreamtime [1992 live version]3:32
21.Purple Haze [1992 live version]4:03
Total running time122:43


Recording dateOctober 20, 1992
Recording site(s)Fox Theater (Detroit)
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling, Paul Haslinger, Jerome Froese, Linda Spa, Jimi Hendrix
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese, Linda Spa, Zlatko Perica


Between October 4th and November 1st, 1992, Tangerine Dream were 'on the road again', giving a total of 22 concerts in North America to promote their new album Rockoon, released by Miramar earlier that year. Of this tour 14 concerts exist as audience recordings, and without a doubt Detroit October 20th, as featured on Tangerine Tree Volume 21: Detroit 1992, is the best of them.


The band were performing with a new line-up (including Zlatko Perica on guitar), as Paul Haslinger had chosen to leave the band in 1991 to pursue a solo career. The advertisement for the Rockoon tour showed Klaus Krüger as part of the line-up, who was best known amongst Tangerine Dream fans for playing percussions on the albums Cyclone, Ages (both 1978) and Force Majeure (1979), as on the 1978 European tour. Ultimately however he did not participate of the 1992 tour, most probably due to musical differences.


The music played during the tour was a nice mixture of track mostly taken from Melrose (1990) and Rockoon (1992), and previously unreleased pieces subsequently chosen for the 220 Volt Live album which Miramar would release a year later. Each gig ended with an instrumental cover version of the Jimi Hendrix song Purple Haze, including sound bites of Daffy Duck which somehow didn't make it into 220 Volt Live.


For other concerts released as part of this fan project, please refer to the Chronological Concert Listing.


As with all releases of the Tangerine Tree project, this release is made by fans for fans. It must not be sold but is to be traded freely.


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