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Klaus Krüger


In 1978 TD were joined by Klaus Krüger (a.k.a. Klaus Krieger), a drummer who out of principle always built his own drum sets, using polyester and other artificial elements which gave it an incredibly voluminous sound live. He was a member of Berlin's art and design circle and knew Edgar Froese since 1962. He appeared as drummer on the releases Cyclone and Force Majeure, as on Edgar Froese's solo album Ages. As a surprise for Tangerine Dream fans, thirteen years later Klaus Krüger was announced to be guest on drums during the Tangerine Dream US tour in autumn 1992. He had posed for the official tour photograph, but then he was never seen on the gigs and was retouched from the tour photo that was printed in the booklet of the 220 Volt Live CD.

Klaus Krüger released two solo albums, One Is One (1981) and Zwischenmischung (1982), which have been compiled on the Compilation Collection (1989).


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