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Tangerine Dream


- Studio, released 1992 -


CD release USA 1992
Design: Aaron's Outfit
Photo: Jim Rakete

CD release UK 1992
Design: Aaron's Outfit
Photo: Jim Rakete

CD release Netherlands 1992
Design: Aaron's Outfit
Photo: Jim Rakete

CD release Netherlands 1992
Design: Aaron's Outfit
Photo: Jim Rakete

CD release Germany 1992
Design: Aaron's Outfit
Photo: Jim Rakete

CD release France 1992
Design: Aaron's Outfit
Photo: Jim Rakete

CD release France 1994

CD counterfeit release Russia

CD release Germany 1999
Design: Edgar Froese

CD release Germany 2009


1.Big City Dwarves 6:006:00
2.Red Roadster 8:308:30
3.Touchwood 4:344:34
4.Graffiti Street 5:045:04
5.Funky Atlanta 4:004:00
6.Spanish Love 5:405:40
7.Lifted Veil 3:303:30
8.Penguin Reference 4:454:45
9.Body Corporate 3:403:40
10.Rockoon 7:217:21
11.Girls On Broadway -4:44
Total running time53:0457:48


Recording dateMarch 1991 - January 1992
Recording site(s)The Cave (Berlin) & Eastgate Studios (Vienna)
Recording engineer(s)Jeff Robinson, David Marino, Phillip Calvert
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese, Enrico Fernandez, Zlatko Perica, Richi Wester
Producer(s)Edgar Froese


"All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream."

- Edgar Allen Poe


Edgar Froese about the 1992 studio album Rockoon: "We started in March 1991 and finished the production, with some interruptions, of course, in January 1992, so Rockoon was the longest production ever in the history of the band. Of course you never achieve 100 percent of your own preconceptional ideas, but you have to have the longing for the hundred percent -- I guess that's very important. As far as Rockoon as a final product is concerned we are very glad and satisfied that we could move that far."


In the USA Rockoon was nominated for the Grammy as "Best New Age Album 1992", and it reached both the Top Ten in Billboard New Age charts and the Top Twenty in Billboard Jazz charts.




Besides the well-known 1992 and 1993 versions of Rockoon, there is another release which is widely unknown because only very few copies have been made. In 1994, Les Editions Atlas, a giant French company specialized in books, had decided to offer only to their mail order subscribers a batch of CDs in a limited edition series called "Les genies du Rock". Many artists were available, such as Velvet Underground, Eric Clapton, The Nixe and some others -- including Tangerine Dream. The music material is identical to Rockoon which is also the subtitle of this CD, but the cover artwork is completely different; it shows a photograph of the line-up Chris Franke/Peter Baumann/Edgar Froese probably from 1975. Liner notes in French language explain the influence of bands like TD, Can and Kraftwerk onto the musical style of the '70s and also tell some musical roots and milestones of TD.


In 1999, Rockoon was re-released on TD's own record label TDI with a totally new cover artwork done by Edgar Froese.


In March 2009 the album was re-released with different cover design as part of an extensive digipack series (consisting of a total of more than 60 CD and DVD releases) by the Germany based Membran record label.


1992: FNAC Music
CD [b]: 662 040
1994: Editions Atlas
CD [b]: RK CD 501
1992: Virgin
Promo-LP [a]: 212 440; white/gray labels
LP [a]: 212 440
CD [b]: 262 440
1993: Virgin
CD [b]: 788 018-2; black/blue/white disc
CD [b]: 788 018-2; blue/black/white disc
1999: TDI/EFA
CD [b]: 63017-2
2009: Membran
CD [b]: 232649; digipack
1992: Volt
CD [b]: VR 5020; light blue cover
CD [b]: VR 5020; darker blue cover
1998: -
Counterfeit-CD [b]: TNDR 9802729; multicoloured disc
199?: -
Counterfeit-CD [b]: S ESSCD 976; counterfeit of UK release from 1996; black/red/silver disc
200?: Spurk
Counterfeit-CD [b]: ANT010027; counterfeit of German release from 1999; multicoloured disc
200?: -
CD [b]: MPCD 2802; counterfeit of US release from 1992; pink/blue/black disc; additional print 'ST-500-113' on back insert
199?: Miramar/Himalaya
CD [b]: MPCD 2802; identical to US version from 1992 with additional obi
1992: Essential/Castle
LP [b]: ESSLP976; white/red labels
CD [b]: ESS CD 976
1996: TDI
CD [b]: TDI004CD
1996: Essential/Castle
CD [b]: ESMCD403
1992: Miramar
CD [b]: MPCD 2802
2000: Castle
CD [b]: CMACD591
Rockoon was also released as part of the set The Grammy Nominated Albums.

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