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Tangerine Dream

L'Affaire Wallraff

Bande Originale du Film - The Man Inside

- Soundtrack, released December 1991 -


CD release France 1991



Recording date1989
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Paul Haslinger
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Paul Haslinger
Producer(s)Edgar Froese, Paul Haslinger


Back in 1989 Edgar Froese and Paul Haslinger had supplied the soundtrack music for the movie The Man Inside, starring Peter Coyote, Jürgen Prochnow and Nathalie Baye. It is the story of a journalist working undercover at a well-known German yellowpress newspaper with the intention to write a book about the way how to abuse press freedom. The story was based on a true history, and in France this film was a great cinema success, thus the music was released in December 1991 on a CD with the French movie title L'Affaire Wallraff in France only; furthermore it was available for a short time only what made the CD to one of the most rare and expensive items for TD collectors.


More information about this movie is available at The Internet Movie Database.




In 2001 a counterfeit of this CD appeared: The official version had been reproduced with almost identical cover artwork, but the music material was mastered poorly, containing breaks in serveral tracks. Later, some kind of 'improved' counterfeit version appeared, this time without the mastering faults. The three versions can be distinguished by the different matrix numbers on the CD bodies (see below).


1991: EMI France
CD: 795 617-2; matrix code PAT 7956172 MPO 02 @@@
2001: -
Counterfeit-CD: 795 617-2; counterfeit of French release from 1992; matrix code M7E4 7956172; disc with mastering faults
200?: -
Counterfeit-CD: 795 617-2; counterfeit of French release from 1992; matrix code EMI 7956172; disc without mastering faults
L'Affaire Wallraff was also released as part of the set L'Affaire Wallraff / Excerpts From 'Risky Business'.

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