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The Blue Bridge

There are several official versions of this composition:
  • two slightly different live recordings from 1992
  • a live recording from 2006
  • a studio re-recording from 2006
  • four live recordings from 2008 through 2011


Recording year1992
Composer(s)Edgar Froese


Tangerine Dream: Official Releases
1993220 Volt Live [a] [1992 live version]4:47
Dreamtime [a] [1992 live excerpt]3:54
2004Arizona Live [a] [1992 live version]3:52
2006Plays Tangerine Dream [a] [2006 re-recording]3:33
Live At The Tempodrome Berlin [a] [2006 live version]3:44
2009The London Eye Concert [a] [Titled Blue Bridge][2008 live version]4:14
The London Eye Concert [b] [Titled Blue Bridge][2008 live version]4:14
The London Eye Concert [c] [Titled Blue Bridge][2008 live version]3:35
The London Eye Concert [a] [Titled Blue Bridge][2008 live version]4:13
Ballads [a] [2006 re-recording]3:28
Rocking Out The Bats [a] [Titled Blue Bridge][2009 live version]4:49
Rocking Out The Bats [b] [Titled Blue Bridge][2009 live version]4:49
2011The Gate Of Saturn Live At The Lowry Manchester 2011 [a] [Titled Blue Brige][2011 live version]4:43
2012Live At Budapest At Béla Bartók National Concert Hall [a] [Titled Blue Bridge][2012 live version]5:05
Live At Admiralspalast Berlin [a] [Titled Blue Bridge][2012 live version]5:21
Tangerine Dream: Bootlegs
1993Dreaming On Danforth Avenue [a] [1992 live version, untitled]3:59
Tangerine Dream: Fan Releases
2003Tangerine Tree Volume 20: Warsaw 1997 [a] [1997 live version]4:03
Tangerine Tree Volume 21: Detroit 1992 [a] [1992 live version]3:42
Tangerine Leaves Volume 10: London 1996 [a] [1996 live version]3:56
2004Tangerine Tree Volume 46: Amsterdam 1997 [a] [1997 live version]4:12
2005Tangerine Leaves Volume 33: Ventura 1992 [a] [1992 live version]3:47
Tangerine Leaves Volume 41: Zabrze/Budapest 1997 [a] [1997 live version]4:45
Tangerine Leaves Volume 44: Chicago 1992 [a] [1992 live version]3:36
Tangerine Tree Volume 76: Seattle 1992 [a] [1992 live version]3:46
Tangerine Leaves Volume 58: San Juan 1992 [a] [1992 live version]3:40
2006Tangerine Tree Volume 82: Munich 1997 [a] [1997 live version]3:52
Tangerine Leaves Volume 83: Bonn 1997 [a] [1997 live version]3:47
Tangerine Leaves Volume 89: New York 1992 [a] [1992 live version]3:47

Live Performances

1992Oct 04 - Nov 01North America Tour 1992
1996November 30London Shepherds Bush Empire (UK)
1997Apr 09 - Jun 13Europe Tour 1997
2006September 21Berlin Tempodrom (Germany)
2008November 01London The Forum Kentishtown (UK)
November 02Edinburgh The Picture House (UK)
November 07Los Angeles UCLA Royce Hall (USA)
2009August 29Northeim Waldbühne (Germany)
August 30Berlin Citadelle Spandau (Germany)
2011May 28Manchester The Lowry (UK)
2012May 06Milano Teatro degli Arcimboldi (Italy)
June 24London Shepherds Bush Empire (UK)


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