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Tangerine Dream


- Compilation, released October 2009 -


CD release Germany 2009
Artwork: WAPS


1.Tyger (Instrumental) [1988 live version]4:58
2.The First Letter: The Red Blood Connection 4:46
3.Table Bay [1988 live version]2:20
4.The Second Letter: The Orange Breath 6:12
5.The Sixth Letter: The Indigo Clouds 7:04
6.Io Non Mori 5:44
7.Desert T. Dream [1994 re-recording]3:59
8.The Blue Bridge [2006 re-recording]3:28
9.Jenissei River 4:40
10.Ulan-Ude 4:31
11.Chingan Night 6:52
12.Russian Soul 4:11
13.Vidi Tre Facce 4:54
14.Navel Of Light - Part One 8:04
15.Persistence Of Memory - Part Five 13:05
16.Presentiment 4:06
17.Dante In Despair 3:49
18.Reset 3:58
19.Awareness (1st Teaching) 4:59
20.Fathom (3rd Teaching) 3:58
21.Remembering Ayumi 2:42
22.Mellow Submersion (5th Teaching) 2:25
23.Touching Truth 1:23
24.Beatrice, L'Âme Infinie 4:39
25.Last Train To Osaka 3:43
26.Ivory Town [2002 remix]4:45
27.Lily On The Beach [2002 re-recording]4:13
28.Beyond All Suns 5:56
29.Mount Shasta [2002 re-recording]4:23
30.La Ley De La Montana 5:33
31.Snow On Angels Feather 5:31
32.Twentynine Palms [2002 re-recording]3:23
33.Tharsis Maneuver 4:28
34.For The Summit Only 7:55
35.La Grande Spirale 9:32
36.Cedar Breaks 5:05
37.Cat And Snowman 3:50
38.Metaphor Part Two 4:59
39.A Ciello Della Luna 8:34
40.Dies Martis 3:57
41.Rocky Mountain Hawk 5:05
42.Royal Way Of Privacy 8:36
43.L'Era Della Venere 11:51
44.A Matter Of Time 8:53
45.Purple Nightfall 2:05
46.Velvet Sun 6:07
47.Third Angel's Gate 2:55
48.The Seventh Propeller Of Silence 3:51
Total running time251:57


Recording date1987 - 2009


Having re-released a large amount of Tangerine Dream's back catalogue in 2009, the German Membran label published a budget box set titled Ballads -- a title one would expect for a compilation by some rock or pop music star, but not from a mainly electronic band. Anyway, Ballads comes with a cardboard box containing four CDs, each of them in its own cardboard sleeve, and a 12 page booklet with a TD biography in German and English language. It covers the band history from the late sixties up to the release of The Seven Letters From Tibet in 2000.


The four CDs have their own individual titles, originating from one of the tracks featured on the respective disk: CD 1 comes as The Blue Bridge, CD 2 is titled Ivory Town, CD 3 is named Beyond All Suns, while CD 4 has the title Velvet Sun. The compositions featured on the discs originally come from the following albums:



This compilation contains no new material, but given the very fair price and the nice packaging, it is a good opportunity to get acquainted with the TD music of the recent two decades.


2009: Membran
4CD: 232837; cardboard box
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