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Tangerine Dream

The Hollywood Years Vol. 2

- Studio, released June 1998 -


CD release Germany 1999
Design: Edgar Froese
Note: Part of the printing is almost invisible on this scan due to its reflective nature.

CD release Germany 2009

CD release Germany 1999
Design: Edgar Froese



Recording date1992 - 1998
Recording site(s)Eastgate Studios (Berlin & Vienna)
Recording engineer(s)Jerome Froese
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese, Vicki McClure
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese, Vicki McClure
Producer(s)Edgar Froese


In June 1998, the first two volumes of The Hollywood Years were released by TDI, intended to start a series of CDs containing "TD's leftover scores, songs and sequences", as stated on the back cover. At time of writing, the series has not been extended with further releases.


While the track City Monk is featured as Ulan-Ude on the soundtrack album Transsiberia, the track Riding The Lizard Overland is actually the end titles of the film Red Heat from 1986. The soundtrack of this film has never been released, though in summer 1997 TD announced it to be released in early 1998 by TDI.


With Rose Of Babylon this album features one of the few Tangerine Dream vocal tracks. The lyrics have been written and sung by Vicki McClure, known as the singer of the Olympic Summer Games hymn in Los Angeles. In 1998 there had been rumours about a full-length album release of Vicki McClure on TD's label TDI.


The Hollywood Years Vol. 2 was re-released in 1999 with new cover artwork.


In March 2009 the album was re-released with different cover design as part of an extensive digipack series (consisting of a total of more than 60 CD and DVD releases) by the Germany based Membran record label.


1998: TDI/EFA
CD: 63008-2
1999: TDI/EFA
CD: 63008-2
2009: Membran
CD: 232642; digipack
The Hollywood Years Vol. 2 was also released as part of the set Dream Dice.

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