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Tangerine Dream

Dream Dice

The TDI Music Collection Vol. One

- Set, released June 1998 -


CD release Germany 1998
Cover of booklet
Design: Edgar Froese


1.Ambient Monkeys [b]
2.Atlantic Bridges
3.Atlantic Walls
4.Dream Encores
5.The Dream Mixes [b]
7.The Hollywood Years Vol. 1
8.The Hollywood Years Vol. 2
9.Oasis [b]
10.Quinoa [b]
11.Tournado [a]
13.Ça Va - Ça Marche - Ça Ira Encore


Recording date1986 - 1998


In June 1998 TD's new founded Berlin-based label TDI released the first bulk of twelve CDs: Ambient Monkeys, Atlantic Bridges, Atlantic Walls, Dream Encores, The Dream Mixes, TimeSquare, The Hollywood Years Vol. 1, The Hollywood Years Vol. 2, Oasis, Quinoa, Tournado, and Transsiberia. As a special opening offer all CDs were available packed together in a limited edition box set, titled Dream Dice with an additional booklet and the bonus CD Ça Va - Ça Marche - Ça Ira Encore not available elsewhere. The 8-page booklet contained a short essay about TD, the cover photos of the twelve CDs and some more computer alienated photographs.


Even before Dream Dice got available, a misunderstanding caused harsh critics. Some fans read on TDI's homepage that the CDs of the set would not be available individually -- which meant of course only: not available directly from TDI. Anyway, they sent flame mails to the Tadream Mailing List, including heavy insultings. One reader described this "discussion" as "the battle of the century." Others criticized that the expensive set, sold at $300 or 500 DM, included a lot of material which had been previously released. "This box set was never intended to be a compilation of unreleased material only, but to be a complete pack of the first bulk of TDI CDs", Anja Kathmann of TDI Music stated clearly. "The idea was to present our first releases in a special form to collectors, and we have received positive feed-back on this", she said. All CDs became available individually with slightly different artwork, different bar codes and distribution remarks on the back side within the next weeks or months. So those looking for just a few of the CDs did not have to buy the box -- but then missed the bonus CD.


1998: TDI
14CD: -; cardboard box with booklet, eleven standard jewel cases, one double jewel case and one cardboard sleeve
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