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The Best Of Tangerine Dream

The Blue Years

- Compilation, released July 1998 -


CD release Europe 1998
Design: Hugh Gilmour


1.Horizon (Excerpt) [Excerpt]8:13
2.Ride On The Ray 5:33
3.Scuba Scuba 4:22
4.Underwater Twilight 5:54
5.21st Century Common Man (Part 2) 3:57
6.Vigour 4:56
7.The Cliffs Of Sydney 5:20
8.Hyde Park 3:50
9.Zen Garden 4:43
10.Livemiles (Albuquerque Excerpt) [Excerpt 10:28-29:52]19:24
Total running time66:12


Recording date1983 - 1987


After the British company Castle had bought the rights for the TD back catalogue of 'The Blue Years' era, they had re-released those albums in 1996. Two years later they released the additional compilation The Blue Years, including some tracks from these albums, compiled by Edgar Froese himself:



In opposite to the compilation Book Of Dreams, released by Castle in 1995, this CD contains the un-remixed original tracks as they are featured on the regular Castle CDs with the exception of Vigour that was not included on the CD re-release of Tyger. Together with The Pink Years, a compilation of tracks from 1970 to 1973, The Blue Years CD gives an overview of TD's pre and post Virgin years. This compilation contains no new material.


Liner notes by Edgar Froese for the CD release"No one had forewarned Tangerine Dream, when in 1984 they drove to Poland, one of the poorest countries behind the Iron Curtain, to play concerts there. Snow and ice were piled high -- the tour took place in December -- and the endeavour took on a catastrophic atmosphere as power failures, minus Celsius temperatures, a cold-infected crew, stolen cars and extremely poor service conditions turned this event into an unforgettable experience for all involved. Excerpts from the Warsaw concert are part of this compilation.

Tangerine Dream's music had become through the years a kind of 'brain food', which stimulated their listeners to challenge themselves and their perception of the world. Many people claimed this music had triggered their own artistic growth and personal development. Impressed by the pure power of nature, Tangerine Dream released the concept album Le Parc. They dedicated this album to some of the most inspiring locations on our planet.

Edgar's deep feelings for the work of William Blake led to the production of Tyger. After the initial shock of hearing vocals again on a TD album, the listener is charmed by the timeless power created in the combination of Blake's poetry and Tangerine Dream's music.

In 1987, Tangerine Dream toured heavily in the USA. An excerpt on this compilation is taken from the concert in Albuquerque. It mirrors the unique ability of man controlling machines to express emotions in an extremely unusual way.

It is often said that the music of Tangerine Dream is a love/hate thing, and this may be true, bearing in mind that the band never made it very easy for their fans to follow in their artistic footsteps, no matter which decade you look at."


1998: Castle
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