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Tangerine Dream

Dreaming On Danforth Avenue

- Live, released 1993 -


CD bootleg release 1993


1.Touchwood [1992 live version, untitled]5:28
2.Rolling Down Cahuenga [1992 live version, untitled]6:45
3.The Blue Bridge [1992 live version, untitled]3:59
4.Oriental Haze [1992 live version, untitled]5:48
5.Graffiti Street [1992 live version, untitled]6:07
6.Melrose [1992 live version, untitled]6:36
7.Two Bunch Palms [1992 live version, untitled]5:46
8.220 Volt [1992 live version, untitled]8:25
9.Homeless [1992 live version, untitled]10:18
Total running time59:12


Recording dateOctober 04, 1992
Recording site(s)Music Hall (Toronto)
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese, Paul Haslinger
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese, Linda Spa, Zlatko Perica


Dreaming On Danforth Avenue is a bootleg of rather good sound quality from the 1992 North American tour. It was released some months prior the official live recording 220 Volt Live that was recorded during the same tour but features different material.


The CD comes with a 4-page full colour folder sheet including the band history. A photo of the correct tour line-up is printed on the front page, but on the back side is stated "composed and performed by Edgar Froese, Zlatko Perica and Linda Spa", leaving out the name of Jerome Froese. The tracks are not seperately listed on CD or cover, and the composition 220 Volt is split into two tracks. The alleged record company is called 'Blue Moon Records', being the same company that released the bootleg Sonambulistic Imagery a few months later. The CD body has white background colour with orange writing, stating the CD title but not the name Tangerine Dream.


1993: 'Blue Moon Records'
Bootleg-CD: BM3; white/orange disc
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