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The Best Of Tangerine Dream Live

- Compilation, released February 2014 -


Download release 2014


1.Livemiles I (Albuquerque Concert) 29:52
2.Livemiles II (Berlin Concert) 27:13
3.Live Miles (Albuquerque Excerpt) [Excerpt]19:26
4.Barbakane 13:52
5.Horizon 20:50
6.Poland 22:26
7.Tangent 19:55
Total running time153:34


Recording date1983 - 1988


The Best Of Tangerine Dream Live is a compilation once more featuring music of the Blue Years era from the following original releases:



The compilation does not feature any previously unreleased material: It starts with the complete album Livemiles, which is followed by an excerpt from the first track; this excerpt had been initially released on the compilation The Blue Years (1998) and later re-released on the compilation Ride On The Ray (2011). While it made some sense to use an excerpt instead of the complete track on those compilations, these 20 minutes are now completely redundant on The Best Of Tangerine Dream Live. Then all four tracks from Poland follow (in a mixed-up order, though), but Barbakane is featured as an excerpt (identical to the shortened versions of the original album that were released on a single CD only).


Given the fact that the music material stems from the eighties and is purely electronical, the cover is one of the strangest of any recent TD releases...


Apparently, The Best Of Tangerine Dream Live has been released by Cherry Red Records as a download album only; there is no physical CD release of this compilation.


2014: Cherry Red
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