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The Best Of Tangerine Dream
The TDI Catalogue Vol. One

- Compilation, released April 2000 -


CD release Germany 2000
Design: Edgar Froese
Note: Part of the printing is almost invisible on this scan due to its reflective nature.

CD release Germany 2009


1.Ça Va - Ça Marche - Ça Ira Encore 4:53
2.Velvet Sun 6:09
3.Tutankhama 5:29
4.Pixel Pirates 6:53
5.Stoneyard 6:11
6.TimeSquare 8:42
7.Beach Theme [1997 live version]4:08
8.Jungle Journey [1999 remix]6:20
9.Mothers Of Rain 5:13
10.Russian Soul 4:13
11.Catwalk 7:21
12.Meng Tian 5:13
13.Mobocaster [1997 remix]7:24
14.Flashflood [1997 live version]7:12
15.Towards The Evening Star [1997 live version]6:29
16.Ulan-Ude 4:35
17.Outland 9:15
18.Token From Birdland [Wrongly titled Walking With A Mandarin]8:09
19.Bride In Cold Tears [1995 remix]5:33
20.Lifted Veil 3:30
21.Spiral Star Date (Level ♇) 6:13
22.Too Hot For My Chinchilla 3:51
23.Little Blonde In The Park Of Attractions [1995 remix]7:17
24.Three Bikes In The Sky 5:58
Total running time146:11


Recording date1988 - 1999


In April 2000 TDI released Tang-go, a double CD compilation, featuring well-known material of the time from 1988 to 1999; thus the subtitle '1990 - 2000' is not exactly correct. Obviously, this compilation was intended to give an overview of the then current TDI catalogue as it contains tracks from most of the albums available from TD's own label:



The compilation contains no new material but might be interesting for those who do not own Ça Va - Ça Marche - Ça Ira Encore as it features two of the three tracks of that rare CD-5.


The original subtitle 'The World of Tangerine Dream' was changed to 'The Best of Tangerine Dream' just before the official release date. Another change was the replacement of the track 220 Volt by Flashflood a short time before release. The booklet contains information about neither the original composers nor the musicians involved; the subtitles of the remixed tracks are not mentioned in the track listing, but there are information from which album the tracks have been taken. The tracks originally released on the albums Optical Race, Lily On The Beach and Melrose are said to be taken from the compilations Atlantic Bridges and Atlantic Walls, respectively. The CD-5 Ça Va - Ça Marche - Ça Ira Encore is referenced as 'Dream Dice Bonus Track'.




In March 2009 the album was re-released with different cover design as part of an extensive digipack series (consisting of a total of more than 60 CD and DVD releases) by the Germany based Membran record label.


2000: TDI/EFA
2CD: 63026-2; slim double jewel case
2009: Membran
2CD: 232654; digipack
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