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Tangerine Dream


- Soundtrack, released June 1998 -


CD release Germany 1998
Design: Edgar Froese

CD release Germany 1999
Design: Edgar Froese

CD release Germany 1999 (Misprint)
Design: Edgar Froese

Download release 2007
Artwork: Edgar Froese

HQCD release Japan 2009 with obi

CD release Germany 2009

CD release Germany 2010
Photo: Ralf Strathmann


1.Yaroslaw Station 4:52
2.Smoky Karlow 9:25
3.Siberian Lights 4:01
4.Jenissei River 4:44
5.Baikal Sunrise 4:42
6.Samowar Juri 4:40
7.Ulan-Ude 4:35
8.Chingan Night 6:55
9.Russian Soul 4:13
10.The Golden Horn [1997 remix]5:18
Total running time53:25


Recording date1997
Recording site(s)Eastgate Studios (Berlin & Vienna)
Composer(s)Edgar Froese
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese
Producer(s)Edgar Froese


In summer 1997 Edgar and Jerome Froese started for a "strange musical and geographical trip" in composing the score for Transsiberia, an experimental black-and-white film about a journey on the famous Transsiberian Railway from Moscow to Vladivostok. It is unknown whether this film was ever released officially.


The album contains new, unique compositions with the exceptions of The Golden Horn, which is essentially a remix of the track Turning Off The Wheel from Optical Race (1988), and Ulan-Ude, which was released on the album The Hollywood Years Vol. 2 as well, there titled City Monk.




After the soundtrack album had been released on CD by TD's own label TDI in June 1998 it was re-released one year later with different cover artwork. Some copies of the later edition have appeared missing the metallic printing on the booklet's front cover.


In January 2007 this release became available as MP3 download at the Tangerine Dream Download Shop. While the compositions had been credited to both Edgar Froese and Jerome Froese in the original CD booklet, all tracks are listed as compositions by Edgar Froese only on the downloadable artwork.


In March 2009 the album was re-released with different cover design as part of an extensive digipack series (consisting of a total of more than 60 CD and DVD releases) by the Germany based Membran record label, and in September 2009 it was re-released in Japan as part of a series of HiQualityCDs with mini LP paper sleeves. In September 2010 the album was re-released as part of the box set The Electronic Journey.


1998: TDI/EFA
CD: 63012-2
1999: TDI/EFA
CD: 63012-2; new cover artwork
CD: 63012-2; new cover artwork; misprint missing the 'TANGERINE DREAM' and 'TRANSSIBERIA' printing on booklet
2009: Membran
CD: 232606; digipack
2009: WHD Entertainment
HQCD: IECP-10195; cardboard sleeve, obi; limited edition
Promo-HQCD: IECP-10195; same as regular release, but with additional red promo sticker
2007: Eastgate
Download: complete release or individual tracks as MP3
Transsiberia was also released as part of the sets Dream Dice and The Electronic Journey.

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