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Tangerine Dream Live

Montreal - April 9th 1977

The Bootmoon Series

- Live, released April 2004 -


CD release UK 2004


1.First Movement [1977 live version]19:12
2.Second Movement [1977 live version]23:42
3.Third Movement [1977 live version]24:18
4.Fourth Movement [1977 live version]23:40
5.Fived Movement [1977 live version]11:33
6.Montreal 77, Part Five [Untitled, duplicate track][1977 live version]11:33
7.Sixth Movement [1977 live version]12:28
Total running time126:26


Recording dateApril 09, 1977
Recording site(s)Place des Arts (Montreal)
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann


This double CD is part of the so called Bootmoon series, which consists of the following releases:



For more information on this series see Aachen - January 21st 1981.


The material on this album is identical to Tangerine Tree Volume 18: Montreal 1977, but by mistake the second disc of this album in fact contains the music intended for the second disc of Aachen - January 21st 1981, and vice versa. Corrected replacement discs were provided later by the record company. The track listing above displays the tracks featured in the corrected set. Another error occurred by featuring the Fifth Movement (here misspelled Fived Movement) twice on the CD.


2004: TDC/Voiceprint
2CD: BOOTMOON002CD; cardboard digipack; numbered limited edition of 10,000 copies
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