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Cherokee Lane

There are several official version of this composition:
  • the original album recording from 1977 (and an excerpt of it)
  • three different live recordings from 1977


Recording year1977
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann


Tangerine Dream: Official Releases
1977Encore [a] 16:19
Encore [b] 16:27
1980'70-'80 [a] [Excerpt]8:16
1985Dream Sequence [a] [Excerpt]8:10
1999Tangerine Dream [a] [Excerpt]8:10
2004The Bootleg Box Set Vol. 2 [a] [1977 live version]17:06
Montreal - April 9th 1977 [a] [Titled First Movement][1977 live version]19:12
2006Detroit - March 31st 1977 [a] [1977 live version, misspelled Chekokee Lane]12:33
2012The Virgin Years 1977-1983 [a] 16:19
2019The Official Bootleg Series Volume Three [a] [1977 live version]12:39
In Search Of Hades [a] 16:27
In Search Of Hades [b] 16:27
Tangerine Dream: Fan Releases
2002Tangerine Tree Volume 4: Washington 1977 [a] [Titled Washington 77, Part One (Cherokee Lane)][1977 live version]17:06
2003Tangerine Tree Volume 18: Montreal 1977 [a] [1977 live version]19:11
Tangerine Tree Volume 25: Detroit 1977 [a] [Titled Part I][1977 live version]13:03
Tangerine Tree Volume 25: Detroit 1977 [b] [1977 live version]12:33
Tangerine Leaves Volume 21: Milwaukee 1977 [a] [Titled Track I][1977 live version]13:01
2004Tangerine Tree Volume 39: Seattle 1977 [a] [Titled Part One][1977 live version]10:59
2005Tangerine Leaves Volume 32: Quebec 1977 [a] [Titled Part One][1977 live version]20:42
Tangerine Leaves Volume 55: New York 1977 [a] [Titled Part One][1977 live version]14:56
Tangerine Leaves Volume 57: Toronto 1977 [a] [Titled Part One][1977 live version]20:20
2006Tangerine Leaves Volume 85: Cleveland 1977 [a] [Titled Cleveland 77, Part One (Cherokee Lane)][1977 live version]21:20
Tangerine Leaves Volume 91: Chicago 1977 [a] [Titled Chicago 77, Part One (Cherokee Lane)][1977 live version]11:45

Live Performances

1977March 31Detroit Ford Auditorium (USA)
April 04Washington D.C. Lisner Auditorium (USA)


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