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Tangerine Dream Live

Aachen - January 21st 1981

The Bootmoon Series

- Live, released April 2004 -


CD release UK 2004


1.Undulation [1981 live version]8:09
2.Calymba Caly [1981 live version]13:37
3.Thermal Inversion [1981 live version]13:52
4.Elisenbrunnen [1981 live version]6:10
5.Force Majeure [1981 live version]2:30
6.The Price [1981 live version]3:11
7.Silver Scale [1981 live version]17:53
8.Horns Of Doom [1981 live version]2:59
9.Phase Change [1981 live version]4:34
10.Diamond Duster [1981 live version]4:18
11.Diamond Diary (Guitar Part) [1981 live version]10:43
12.Choronzon [1981 live version]12:31
13.Trap Feeling [1981 live version]2:37
14.Scrap Yard [1981 live version]3:40
Total running time106:44


Recording dateJanuary 21, 1981
Recording site(s)Eurogress (Aachen)
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling


This double CD is part of the so called Bootmoon series, which consists of the following releases:



With the notable exception of two of these releases (that is, Cleveland - June 24th 1986 and Brighton - March 25th 1986), the complete material has been taken from some of the Tangerine Tree and Tangerine Leaves fan releases. Even the track listings, including some unofficial track names, have been copied from these releases. With the exception of the subtitle "The Bootmoon Series" there is no indication that these recordings are not high quality recordings taken from the TD vaults (like Rockface or East) but fan made recordings taken from the audience or from radio broadcasts and hence have limited sound quality. They are released at a limited edition of 10,000 copies each and sold at a quite high price, especially considering the fact that copies of Tangerine Tree and Tangerine Leaves, featuring exactly the same material, could be traded freely at time of release.


The credits written on the inside sleeves include the same names of Tangerine Dream fans which can be found on the official The Bootleg Box Set Vol. 1 and The Bootleg Box Set Vol. 2, though they had no part in making the Bootmoon releases (instead they were involved more or less in the Tangerine Tree project). Neither (C) nor (P) remarks can be found on the package. The "TDC" logo on the backside suggests that the record may be produced by a TD-owned label (like TDI or TDP). The remarks on the inside "Mastered by XXL Sound, Cover Graphics and Design by the Outlaw Crew Inc., coordinated by the 'Smile of Anger' people" are reminiscent to the kind of fake information found on bootleg recordings, so the status of these CDs was quite indistinct at time of their release. There had been no definitive information from TD or their label TDI whether the BOOTMOON releases were officially approved by the band or had to be regarded as grey-market products, but finally they were advertised at TD's London concert in 2005, so eventually they could be regarded to be official products.


The material on this album is identical to Tangerine Leaves Volume 7: Aachen 1981, but by mistake the second disc of this album in fact contains the music intended for the second disc of Montreal - April 9th 1977, and vice versa. Corrected replacement discs were provided later by the record company. The track listing above displays the tracks featured in the corrected set.


2004: TDC/Voiceprint
2CD: BOOTMOON001CD; cardboard digipack; numbered limited edition of 10,000 copies
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