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Baldur's Gate II - Shadows Of Amn

Collector's Edition / Bonus Disc

- Soundtrack, released 2000 -


CD release USA 2000

CD release (for Windows) USA 2000

CD release (for Mac) USA 2000


1. Main Title2:01
2. Jon Battle And Peace1:41
3. Galean Bayle Sailing1:14
4. Asylum Journey2:04
5. Underdark3:00
6. City Gates1:24
7. Trademeet1:00
8. Waukeen's Promenade1:27
9. The Pirate Isle0:55
10. Taverns1:21
11. The Domain Of The Dragon3:32
12. Jon Irenicus Encounter Theme2:24
13. The Slums2:15
14. Forest Battle 11:18
15. Forest Battle 21:00
16. Plains Battle 11:13
17. Plains Battle 21:19
18. Mountain Battle 10:57
19. Mountain Battle 21:05
20. City Battle 11:00
21. City Battle 21:06
22. Nightmare In The Docks1:41
23. The Planar Sphere0:45
24. The Druid Grove0:49
25. The Asylum0:57
26. The Dreams2:59
27. Romance 12:03
28. Romance 21:13
29. The Bad1:36
30. The Good1:31
31. Sewer Battle2:17
32. Amongst The Sahuagin1:01
33. Shadow Battle1:02
Total running time51:10


Recording date2000
Composer(s)Michael Hoenig
Musician(s)Michael Hoenig
Producer(s)Michael Hoenig


After his successful work on the Baldur's Gate - The Original Saga computer game, Michael Hoenig wrote the soundtrack for the follow-up. The soundtrack CD was exclusively included in the Collector's Edition of the game and came in a unique CD sleeve, along with the game and other extra items.


Besides the well-known Windows version there is a Mac version of this disc. It is unknown whether this version was ever officially released (as it is not sure that there had been a Mac-version Collector's Edition). The disc has some Mac-only bonus content (probably the same as on the Windows version); this portion is unreadable by Windows PCs, but they treat the disc as an audio CD since it has 33 audio tracks on it.


2000: Interplay Entertainment
CD: CD-C95-1098-8; Windows version
CD: ?; Mac version
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